Thursday, November 27, 2014

College Football

14-6 Top 25 last week (172-54 .761 overall) and 6-2 in the SEC (81-21 .794 overall)

Quick picks from work...

5]   TCU over Texas on the road

8]   UCLA all over Stanford
11] Arizona holds off 13] Arizona State at home
Arkansas upsets 17] Missouri at home
24] Marshall finishes conference play unbeaten with win over W Kentucky

1]   Alabama over 15] Auburn; expect a good game
2]   Oregon all over Oregon State; cheerleaders could play by half time
3]   Florida State barely over Florida in Muschamp's last game as UF coach
4]   Mississippi State does all it can to get in the playoff winning on the road at 19] Mississippi
6]   Ohio State rolls Michigan at home
7]   Baylor goes for style points over Texas Tech
9]   Georgia runs over 16] Georgia Tech
10] Michigan State squeaks by Penn State on the road
12] Kansas State kills Kansas
18] Minnesota upsets 14] Wisconsin on the road
South Carolina upsets 21] Clemson on the road (the Spurrier curse for Sweeney)
22] Louisville breaks Kentucky's heart; no bowl for the cats
Utah State upsets 23] Boise State sending Marshall to a NYD bowl
25] Utah beats Colorado like it's legal

LSU gets it right against Texas A&M on the road
Tennessee goes to Vanderbilt and becomes bowl eligible by the 2nd quarter :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Celeb o'the Day - Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

College Football

9-6 Top 25 last week (ugh)  (158-48 .767 overall) and 4-2 SEC (75-19 .798)

1]   Alabama big over Western Carolina
2]   Oregon big over Colorado
3]   Florida State over Boston College; I expect it to be close til the 4th
4]   Mississippi State big over Vanderbilt
6]   Ohio State big over Indiana
7]   Baylor very big over Oklahoma State (no offense, after a decent start)
8]   Ole Miss barely over Arkansas (this could go either way, Arky has MO)
19] USC upsets 9] UCLA at the coliseum
10] Georgia big over Charleston Southern
11] Michigan State over Rutgers (should be a good game)
West Virginia upsets 12] Kansas State at home
13] Arizona State over Washington State; in the 4th and barely
14] Auburn very big over Samford
17] Utah upsets 15] Arizona at home
16] Wisconsin big over Iowa
Tennessee upsets 20] Missouri at home to become bowl eligible
21] Oklahoma big over Kansas
22] Clemson very big over Georgia State
25] Minnesota over 23] Nebraska on the road
Notre Dame upsets 24] Louisville

Florida very big over Eastern Kentucky to become bowl eligible
South Carolina big over South Alabama

Thursday, November 13, 2014

College Football

12-6 Top 25 last week (149-42 .780 overall) and 4-2 SEC (71-17 .807 overall) decent but not a good week.

Winners first again

5]   Alabama over 1] Mississippi State (it's at Bama, that should be enough)
Miami(FL) over 3] Florida State; the game of getting far behind has to catch up to them sooner or later, I think this is the week as they aren't good against the run and Miami (ie Duke Johson) runs very well.
4]   TCU big over Kansas
6]   Arizona State big over Oregon State
8]   Ohio State squeaks by 25] Minnesota on the road, this game could go either way
15] Georgia at home over 9] Auburn; should be an offensive shoot-out
12] Michigan State big over Maryland
14] Arizona late over Washington
20] Wisconsin over 16] Nebraska in a photo-finish
17] LSU big over Arkansas (some people picking Arky, but not after LSU's let down last week)
18] Notre Dame big over Northwestern; nothing like getting the cats after a bad loss
22] Georgia Tech over 19] Clemson; Tigers can't stop the run, GT runs all day
21] Duke barely over Virginia Tech; wouldn't surprise me either way on this really
23] Utah in the 4th qt over Stanford at the Tree. Utah's D will be the difference
24] Texas A&M takes it to Mizzou and hands the East to Georgia

Tennessee over Kentucky; close in the 1st half, I think UT runs away late
South Carolina over Florida in the swamp

Thursday, November 6, 2014

College Football

In California visiting the oldest so not much time to do this.

10-5 T25 last week (137-36 overall) and 5-2 SEC (67-15 overall)

Winners first like last week

1]   Mississippi State over UT Martin
2]   Florida State over Virginia
3]   Auburn over Texas A&M
17] Utah over 4] Oregon
16] LSU over 5] Alabama
6]   TCU over 7] Kansas State
8]   Michigan State over 14] Ohio State
9]   Arizona State over 10] Notre Dame
11] Ole Miss over Presbyterian
15] Oklahoma over 12] Baylor
18] UCLA over Washington
19] Arizona over Colorado
20] Georgia over Kentucky
21] Clemson over Wake Forest
22] Duke over Syracuse
23] West Virginia over Texas
24] Georgia Tech over NC State
25] Wisconsin over Purdue

Florida over Vanderbilt

Friday, October 31, 2014

College Football

Computer was out during the move so no pick on last nights FSU win

Last week - T25 14-4 (127-31 .804 overall) SEC 5-1 (62-13 .827 overall)

1]   Mississippi State vs Arkansas
4]   Auburn vs 3] Ole Miss
Stanford (over 5] Oregon)
20] West Virginia vs 7] TCU
9]   Kansas State vs Ok State
10] Notre Dame vs Navy
11] Georgia vs Florida
22] UCLA vs 12] Arizona
13] Baylor vs Kansas
14] Arizona State vs 17] Utah
15] Nebraska vs Purdue
16] Ohio State vs Illinois
18] Oklahoma vs Iowa State
23] East Carolina vs Temple
Pittsburgh vs 24] Duke

Tennessee vs South Carolina
Texas A&M vs UL Monroe
Kentucky vs Missouri
Vanderbilt vs Old Dominion

Thursday, October 23, 2014

College Football

12-4 last week on the Top 25 (113-27 (.807) overall) and 5-1 SEC (57-12 (.826) overall); Hopefully a little better on the T25 this week.

1]   Mississippi State travels to Kentucky; KY got a rude awakening last week and this week should be worse (although it is at home); State by 29
3]   Ole Miss at 24] LSU; LSU showed life last week but now host a hot defense, this should be an exciting game that Ole Miss pulls out at the end; Rebels by 4
4]   Alabama at Tennessee; The UT defense will be stout, the offense hopefully will be moving; Alabama routed A&M last week and is on a roll. At Knoxville, the crowd will be jumping and I don't think Bama will be able to roll them, but they will be able to beat them :(  Bama by 12
5]   Auburn hosts South Carolina; Should be a wild one, going with the Tigers at home by 8
6]   Oregon at Cal; The Ducks got it going last week and should be rolling even on the road; Oregon by 24
8]   Michigan State hosts Michigan; Sparty should roll over the wreck that is UM; Hoke will be gone soon; State by 18
10] TCU hosts Texas Tech; TCU defense should be back on track and Tech likes to give up the rock; Frogs by 12
11] Kansas State hosts a suddenly resurgent Texas; KState coming off a big last second win over Oklahoma and Texas is playing better every week.  Upset special, longhorns by 6
13] Ohio State at Penn State; This was a BIG game weeks ago; PSU has deflated since then and Ohio State has exploded; Buckeyes by 19
14] Arizona State at Washington; The Husky defense will make the difference in this upset; UW by 4
15] Arizona at Washington State; Zona by 9
16] Nebraska hosts Rutgers; Husker running is on track and Rutgers just got smashed by OSU; Nebraska in a squeaker by 4
18] East Carolina hosts UConn; Pirates by 21
19] Utah hosts 20] USC; both are playing well, home-field should be the difference, Utes by 4
21] Clemson hosts Syracuse; Tigers by 8
22] West Virginia at Oklahoma State; WV on a tear after routing Baylor, but this is the Big 12 and homefield is big here; OK State in the upset by 2
23] Marshall big over Florida Atlantic (by 18)
25] UCLA is at Colorado; Bruins by 24

Arkansas by 29 over UAB at home
Missouri by 19 over Vandy at home

Thursday, October 16, 2014

College Football

Argh last week was awful; this week will be too heh :)

10-4 T25 (101-23 (.815) overall) 6-2 SEC (52-11 (.825) overall)  double-ouch

2]   Florida State hosts 5] Notre Dame; Winston under the gun, but it doesn't seem to affect his play on the field. FSU defense has been atrocious, but the ND offense loves to give the ball away. FSU by 4
3]   Mississippi hosts Tennessee: UT been close, not this time :(   Miss by 19
4]   Baylor at West Virginia; the 2 offenses that play the most, neither defense is that good; WV's is a little better and they are at home. But got burned on Baylor last week. Baylor by 3
7]   Alabama hosts 21] Texas A&M; both teams are reeling (although Ala won last week) and they both have major issues. One gets it fixed and the other is done. Bama by 40
8]   Michigan State at Indiana: Sparty fixes its' issues and takes it by 18
9]   Oregon hosts Washington; The Washington D is on fire, but Oregon is back on track and would be hard to believe they would lose 2x at home (and not to Stanford); Ducks by 8
10] Georgia at Arkansas: Everyone thinks Arkansas is so close to winning and they have a chance here, I don't. UGA by 12
11] Oklahoma hosts 14] Kansas State: Ok is done if they lose, KState is also. This is the upset this week, KState by 7
12] TCU hosts 15] Oklahoma State; How does TCU bounce back after giving up a 24 point lead to Baylor? They don't. Upset Cowboys by 2
13] Ohio State hosts (5-1) Rutgers! Should be a good game, Buckeyes have too much talent in the end and win by 6
17] Arizona State hosts 23] Stanford: Tree defense gets it back and the offense finally does something in the upset. Stanford by 4
19] Nebraska at Northwestern: Which NW will show up? The one that beat Wisconsin or the 'real' NW? Nebraska in a squeaker by 1
20] Utah at Oregon State: State makes the statement and the upset by 9
22] USC hosts Colorado; USC by 19
24] Clemson at Boston College; Tigers by 2 
25] Marshall at FIU: The drive to stay undefeated continues; Herd by 8

South Carolina over Furman by 32
Missouri over Florida by 3
LSU over Kentucky by 1

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

College Football

Brutal week last week. I picked some good upsets but whiffed no the rest ><

12-5 T25 (91-19 (.827) overall) and 4-2 SEC (46-9 (.836) overall) - bad very bad

1]   Florida State at Syracuse; the Cuse plays up to competition but they can't close; FSU plays down to comp but played well at Wake last week. FSU by 31
2]   Auburn at 3] Mississippi State; this week's big game in the SEC. Both run well, both playing good defense but it is at the Bulldogs. MSU is on fire and Auburn just destroyed LSU. Auburn has hopes of a national title, MSU has the heisman hopeful QB. Argh  MSU by 1
3]   Mississippi at 14] Texas A&M; Should be an easy win for the Rebels with the Aggie defense almost non-existent; somehow it won't be; but Miss pulls through by 4
5]   Baylor hosts 9] TCU; Baylor is finally playing some defense, but the offense isn't clicking like normal. TCU just went to Oklahoma and pulled off the upset. Pick them to make it 2 in a row by 4
6]   Notre Dame hosts North Carolina; ND by 21
7]   Alabama at Arkansas; the Bama kick game has problems and the defense is on the ropes. Arkansas has looked good but can their run game go it alone against Bama. I'm thinking yes; upset by 7
8]   Michigan State at Purdue; won't be as easy but Sparty by 14
10] Arizona (off the huge win last week at Oregon) hosts USC; Zona by 9
11] Oklahoma hosts Texas (Red River Rivalry); Texas playing good D but is awful. OK by 24
12] Oregon at 18] UCLA; loser is out of the playoff; Hundley gets it done against a passive Duck D; UCLA by 5
13] Georgia at 23] Missouri; UGA gets it done on the road (and payback for last year) by 12
16] Oklahoma State at Kansas; OKState by 29
19] East Carolina at South Florida; ECU by 22
22] Georgia Tech hosts Duke; GT is undefeated and on fire; Duke is Duke, but upset city; Duke by 7

Tennessee over Chattanooga by 29
Kentucky over UL Monroe by 19
Vanderbilt hosts FCS (1-AA) Charleston Southern, normally a 'gimme' game; Vandy is upset by 5
LSU over Florida by 8 (found in edit; still didn't see a pick on the Stanford game grr)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

College Football

15-3 T25 last week (79-14 (.849) overall) and 6-1 SEC (42-7 (.857) overall) This week will be much tougher, lots of head-to-head T25 matchups (in the SEC no less)

1]   Florida State hosts Wake Forest; FSU defense isn't fixed but Wake's offense isn't special. FSU by 31
2]   Oregon hosts Arizona; should be a shoot-out, it's at Outzen stadium so Ducks should roll (by 18)
3]   Alabama travels to 11] Ole Miss; Bama has holes it has to fix and the starting QB hasn't had a road start yet. Ole Miss has an awesome defense and a senior offense. Should be a great game and picking against Alabama is usually a good way to get a L on your record, but going to have to go with the home crowd here and take Johnny Reb by 4
4]   Oklahoma is at 25] TCU: OK is #1 in a lot of polls projecting for the playoff and TCU is on fire (against weak competition) on defense. Should be awesome game and another predicted upset. Frogs by 1
5]   Auburn hosts 15] LSU; New QB for LSU, same ole same ole for Auburn. It's at Auburn and the crowd could wreck havoc on the Harrison in his first start. Both teams have shown holes of late and LSU did just get mauled by Miss State.  Auburn should be able to hang on, barely; AU by 4
6]   Texas A&M is at 12] Mississippi State: The SEC west will get some love this week and lose at least 2 of their undefeated teams. A&M looked unbeatable when they took out SC early on, but State looked the same last week with the demolish of LSU. High powered offenses for both so the question will be which defense can stop the other.  I'm thinking the State D will pick up a turnover or 2 and get the W by 4
7]   Baylor at Texas: Baylor by 20
8]   UCLA hosts Utah: Hundley looked very sharp last week; Utah has a much-improved defense, but not enough I think on the road. Bruins by 10
9]   Notre Dame hosts 14] Stanford: The Tree has many holes on offense but their defense is among the best in football. Notre Dame has not been tested but has shown a tendency to turn the ball over. Stanford will walk out with the W on the back of their defense; Cardinal by 3
10] Michigan State hosts 19] Nebraska: Nebraska run game against the Spartan defense. Sparty by 3
13] Georgia hosts Vanderbilt: Dogs by 19
16] USC hosts Arizona State: ASU let me down last week and USC is looking much better. Trojans by 4
17] Wisconsin is at Northwestern: Wisconsin will run and run and ... Badgers by 9
20] Ohio State at Maryland: Terrapins won a big one last week, won't happen this week: Buckeyes by 13
21] Oklahoma State hosts Iowa State: OK State by 14
22] East Carolina over SMU by 40
23] Kansas State hosts pass-happy Texas Tech; KState by 11

Kentucky hosts South Carolina; This Kentucky team is for real and this should be the year they take out most anyone; I just don't see Spurrier losing two games in a row. SC by 8

Tenneessee hosts hated-rival Florida; sold-out crowd, relevance, pride, coach on the line [UF], this game has it all. Worley is 100% and Florida is not; UT by 8!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

College Football

Very rough week last week; picking upsets will hurt your average when they pull a Clemson :(

10-4 T25 last week (64-11 (.853) overall) and 5-3 in the SEC (36-6 (.857) overall)

1]   Florida State travels to a much improved NC State; with Winston back it won't be much of a game for long as the NC State defense cannot handle the FSU attack; FSU by 24
5]   Auburn hosts La Tech; Tigers by 37
6]   Texas A&M hosts Arkansas; if this were at Arkansas I'd pick the upset. Arkansas will run for days on the A&M defense, but I don't think they have enough D to pull out the road win. Aggies by 7
7]   Baylor visits Iowa State; Baylor by 39
8]   Notre Dame travels to Syracuse; The 'Cuse needed a last second win to beat FCS Villanova ... this isn't Villanove, ND by 28
9]   Michigan State hosts Wyoming; Sparty by 31
10] Ole Miss hosts Memphis; As long as the Rebels don't take this one for granted, it should be an easy win. Rebels by 14
11] UCLA at 15] Arizona State; Hundley is still hurt (he may play) and the ASU offense is rolling; expect an upset here. State by 5
12] Georgia hosts Tennessee; Tennessee had a week off to get ready for Gurley and company and hopefully it will show. Expect UT to keep this close for at least 3 quarters, but not enough depth on the D-line will spell doom in the end. Bulldogs by 8
13] South Carolina hosts Missouri; Mizzou is coming off an embarrassing loss at home to Indiana and SC's last game was the monster win over Georgia. This is the classic trap game, but, Spurrier usually can skip those at home. A close game, SC by 3
16] Stanford at Washington; Stanford lost last time it traveled to UW, expect a different result this time. In the loss to USC, Stanford was never stopped by the Trojans, simply themselves. They'll fix those problems and methodically win over the Huskies. Tree by 11
17] LSU hosts New Mexico State; with a new QB, LSU by 40
18] USC hosts Oregon State; the Beavers will move the ball all day, they won't stop USC though. Trojans by 12
19] Wisconsin hosts South Florida; Don't expect 600+ yards rushing again, but it'll be over 400. Badgers by 47
21] Nebraska hosts Illinois; Nebraska will run over the Illini by 19
22] Ohio State hosts Cincinnati; the Buckeyes haven't lost to in-state teams in like 40 years (and not to Cincy since 1896). Expect that to change. OSU won't be able to stop the Cincy offense and the streak dies. Bearcats by 6
24] Oklahoma State hosts Texas Tech; shoot-out coming, OK State by 9
26] Kansas State looks to rebound against UTEP; they do, KState by 29

Vanderbilt (after that monster performance at SC) travels to Kentucky; UK will be looking to bounce back from the 3 overtime loss to Florida and they will. Vandy will be competitive but not the whole game. KY by 21

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

College Football

Bad week for me meh; 14-4 T25 last week (54-7 (.885) overall) and 10-1 in the SEC (31-3 (.912) overall). Another tough week in both T25 and SEC this week

1]   Florida State hosts 22] Clemson; Winston will sit out the 1st half, but Clemson won't be far enough ahead before he comes back... FSU by 7
2]   Oregon is at Washington State; years ago this would be the classic trap game, not this year. Ducks by 40
3]   Alabama hosts Florida; Florida struggled mightily with Kentucky last week and now goes on the road to a very good Bama squad. This used to be the 'it' game in the SEC and I have a feeling it will be intense this year. Going with a huge upset here; Gators by 3
4]   Oklahoma goes to West Virginia; OK got by Tennessee last week with relative ease (UT played a good game though) but they lost their top rusher; how will the OU defense handle the WV offense? Trickett is on fire and they are putting up points like it's the old days. I think it stays tight and high scoring, but OU gets by the Mountaineers by 7
5]   Auburn travels to 20] Kansas State; Thursday night game that will go a long way to determine if KSU is 'back' or not; I don't think they are, Tigers by 14
6]   Texas A&M travels to SMU; Aggies by 31
8]   LSU hosts Mississippi State; both undefeated although MSU hasn't played anyone worth mentioning. LSU's defense is on mid-season form and that will be the difference. Tigers by 8
11] Michigan State hosts Eastern Michigan; Can EMU get 100 yards of offense ... State by 49
13] Georgia hosts Troy; Bulldogs by 41
14] South Carolina at Vandy; this isn't last years Vanderbilt; SC by 37
18] Missouri hosts woeful Indiana; Mizzou by 31
19] Wisconsin with another cupcake hosting Bowling Green; Badgers by 33
21] BYU hosts giant-killers Virginia (and that D); BYU is poised to run the table, this will be the best defense they will play and I think it will show; UVA in a 2nd straight upset; Cavs by 4
24] Nebraska hosts Miami(FL); days gone by this would be HUGE, as it is it's still big; Miami has a ton of future pro-stars and Nebraska has a running game that won't quit (just like in yesteryear) ; Nebraska holds on by 8

Arkansas hosts Northern Illinois; the Razorbacks got the run game going in a big way last week in the upset of Texas Tech; they keep it going this week in the big win: Ark by 29

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

College Football

21-1 on the Top 25 last week (41-3(.932) overall) and 12-0 in the SEC (21-2(.913) overall) ... very good week. This week will be harder, much harder.

2]   Oregon hosts Wyoming, Ducks by 53
3]   Alabama hosts Southern Miss, classic mismatch. The Ala defense getting on track and they are finally settling on a starting QB (Simms). Expect Alabama to have this over at the half. UA by 41
4]   Oklahoma hosts Tennessee. I expect UT to make a great game of this. They are young and fast but Oklahoma has so many weapons that I just don't the the Vols will be able to get over the hump. They'll keep it close until the end, but garbage time will get the Sooners the win by 15
6]   Georgia is at 24] South Carolina. The bulldogs have problems in this stadium and they should expect this to be a very messy affair. SC will play much better than they did against Texas A&M to start the season, but Georgia has had a week off to prepare. UGA gets it done on the ground late and takes it by 7
7]   Texas A&M hosts Rice. A&M going to get fat eating all these creampuffs ... Aggies by 49
8]   Baylor travels to Buffalo (O.o); won't matter, Petty is starting and Buffalo has no chance. Bears by 61
9]   USC (off that very close win at Stanford) travels to Boston College. BC is tough at home but that won't last long, they don't have the athletes to hang with the Trojans. USC by 22
10] LSU hosts Louisiana-Monroe. Tigers by 48
11] Notre Dame hosts Purdue.  The Fighting Irish destroyed Michigan last week, Purdue was man-handled by a nobody. Look for Golsen to keep his Heisman chances alive with a ND 40 point win
12] UCLA heads to Texas. Should be a good game, Texas got destroyed by BYU (again) last week and UCLA has had problems with everyone. Texas is at home and this is basically a 'must-win' for Coach Strong. I'm going with the upset here and the Longhorns by 4
14] Ole Miss hosts Louisiana-Lafayette; Rebels by 34
15] Stanford hosts Army; this is a dangerous game for the Cardinal. Stanford lost a heart-breaker to USC last week and now have to deal with the running game that is Army. This stays close early, but Stanford will pull away late for a 18 point win
16] Arizona State at Colorado; ASU by 22
17] Virginia Tech hosts East Carolina; classic 'trap-game' after the big win over Ohio State last week. Expect VT to look out-of-sorts early but get it together later. VT takes it by 18
20] Missouri hosts UCF; Tigers by 17
21] Louisville at Virginia; Hot offense versus stout defense. Virginia should have beat UCLA at home and didn't, can they overcome the mistakes (3 turnovers for TD's) that killed them in that game? Louisville's offense is on fire but can be stopped. Upset Special, Virginia by 3
22] Ohio State hosts Kent State; the Buckeyes lost at home last week to VT (first time for Meyer) and will take out all the frustrations (7 sacks allowed, 3 turnovers) on KS. Buckeyes by 41
25] BYU hosts Houston; BYU is on fire and a trendy pick to go undefeated. Houston used to be good but not so much now; Cougars by 31

Vanderbilt hosts UMass; Vandy looks like the old 'Dores and that's not a good thing. Luckily enough, UMass is worse. Vandy by 1
Arkansas travels to Texas Tech; the Razorbacks looked good for a half against Auburn but the offense fizzled in the 2nd; expect them to be able to run on TT early and often. Upset by Ark (5)
Mississippi State travels to South Alabama (love that campus); this is the 1st time an SEC school has went to USA for a game, it will also be the 1st win for an SEC school at USA :)  State by 30
Undefeated Kentucky! travels to the swamp to take on Florida. Stoops has done a great job at UK so far, but he's not there yet. Gators easily by 27 (for the 28th straight win in the series)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

College Football

20-2(.909) on the Top 25 and 9-2(.818) on the SEC last week (who knew Vandy would be .. well Vandy heh). With Texas A&M rolling SC, I had no chance of a perfect week. Meh

New picks this week and I'll get to watch exactly none of it :(  We're going camping this weekend at Indian Boundary (Lindz and her fam are up from Cali) so I'll be cheering without knowing what's up :)

1]   Florida State (how?) will wreck The Citadel ... FSU by 58
2]   Alabama (defense needs work) will beat FAU by 48 (unless they decide to run up the score heh)
3]   Oregon at home against 7] Michigan State
      Classic offense (O) versus defense (MSU), if this was at State I may take them for the win, but I think their defense (while top-notch) will not be able to hold the Ducks for 4 full quarters. Oregon by 12
4]   Oklahoma is at Tulsa (o.O) but Tulsa is awful and Ok will be getting ready for a visit from re-vitalized UT next week. Won't matter though, Sooners by 40
5]   Auburn steps out and takes on San Jose State ... Tigers by 40
8]   Ohio State welcomes Virginia Tech; the Buckeyes lost their Heismann hopeful QB for the year and played a weak game against Navy; VT has been bad for awhile but their D is once again on track to be awesome.  I think VT gets it done and a little ACC pride comes through; Hokies by 1
9]   Texas A&M beats Lamar by 50
10] Baylor beats NW State by 60
11] UCLA at home against Memphis; the Bruins offense struggled last week (vs Virginia) but Memphis doesn't have the manpower to stop the Hundley offense. UCLA by 24
12] LSU beats Sam Houston State by 34
13] Stanford hosts 14] USC; should be a great game, can the Trojans handle the methodical offense of the Cardinal? I think not, Stanford by 4
15] Ole Miss at Vandy; after last week, UM by 15
16] Notre Dame hosts Michigan for the final time (for now); Both looked good last week against a pair of nobodies and the winner of this will be assumed by ESPN to be one of the top teams in the country. ND squeaks by on a late FG; ND by 2
17] Arizona State at New Mexico; Can the Sun Devils stop the Lobos rushing attack? (410 yards last week); I think not, but NM won't stop the offense of State either; ASU by 12
18] Wisconsin hosts Western Illinois; after losing a 17 point lead to LSU; the Badgers to win by 50
19] Nebraska by 50 over McNeese State
20] Kansas State at Iowa State (where ND state [FCS] won by 20); KState by 32
21] South Carolina will take out it's A&M frustration on East Carolina; Gamecocks by 27
21] North Carolina (neat tie there) looks to get better against a better foe; after barely beating Liberty (?!?) they host San Diego State; the Aztecs are usually good, although they've fallen a lot in recent years and won't have enough to stop the Tarheels in this one. NC by 15
23] Clemson gets over the loss to Georgia by beating South Carolina State by 50
24] Missouri hosts a dangerous Toledo team; UM wins, close (by 4)
25] Louisville over Murray State by 46

Tennessee goes to 2-0 by destroying Arkansas State by 28
Mississippi State keeps rolling, beats UAB by 30
Kentucky goes to 2-0 (wow) by beating Ohio by 5
Florida finally gets to end their 7-game losing streak. UF beats Eastern Michigan by 32
Arkansas runs (and runs and runs) over Nicholls State by 50

Thursday, August 28, 2014

College Football

1] Florida State over Oklahoma State by 10
2] Alabama over West Virginia by 24
3] Oregon over South Dakota by 51
4] Oklahoma over Louisiana Tech by 13
5] Ohio State over Navy by 11
6] Auburn over Arkansas by 18
7] Ucla upset by Virginia by 2
8] Michigan State over Jacksonville State by 42
9] South Carolina over 21] Texas A&M by 4
10] Baylor over SMU by 21
11] Stanford over UC Davis by 19
12] Georgia over 16] Clemson by 5
13] LSU over 14] Wisconsin by 8
15] USC over Fresno State by 30
17] Notre Dame over Rice by 22
18] Ole Miss over Boise State by 12
19] Arizona State over Weber State by 31
20] Kansas State over SF Austin by 19
22] Nebraska over Florida Int'l by 31
23] North Carolina over Liberty by 28
24] Missouri over South Dakota St by 40
25] Washington over Hawaii by 12

Vanderbilt gets by Temple and wins Derek Mason's debut as head coach with a strong second half showing. Vandy by 8
Kentucky starts the year off right with a win over an over-matched UT Martin squad. KY by 12
Florida is eager to prove last year was a fluke and sets the stage with a smashing of Idaho. FL by 40
Mississippi State (whom many predict to win 8-9 games this year) will struggle to put away Southern Miss. State will win, but it'll be tight. ST by 4
Tennessee starts year 2 of the Butch Jones era at home against (fast) Utah State. With 32 newcomers and brand new lines (offense and defense), senior Worley gets win #1 of 2014. UT by 18

H&B Hooker of the Day


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

There is a war going on...and you are not paying attention at all

I am about to offend A LOT of men on this planet with this piece, and I don't care!

Women's sports have come a LONG way, especially since the turn of the millennium. We all remember Brandi Chastain  and her ripping her shirt off when she not only won glory for herself and her teammates, but her country as well. There was a little cheering going on, but mostly from the male fan-base the response was..."She took her shirt off, how obscene!" I'd like to take a look at some things and then come to my point....

Northwestern's Women's Lacrosse  team has been nothing short of dominating their field of sport for almost a decade. They have been to the final four of their championships 9 years in a row, since 2005 having won their championship in 7 of those years. I'm sure the media just missed this one.

USA Women's basketball is the only sport in the history of The Olympic Games where one country has won Gold in a team sport 5 Olympiads in a row. How many of you "sport fans" and "lovers of the USA" knew about that kind of dominance.

In the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England the women won more medals than the men from the following countries: USA, China and Russia

So we come to the reason for the write up, Michelle Wie has won her country's golf championship and to be honest, I didn't see a lot of coverage for her. I saw much more of 11 year old Lucy Li shooting 78 both Thursday and Friday, yet missed the cut. A feat not to be ignored, if only because none of you men could go out there and match her performance. The cause of my dismay and ire is because I was looking at the CBS Sports website for updated sports news, and decided to look at the Golf page of their website because I am a avid golfer myself. I go to the bottom of the page and find these stories in this order, via screenshot from my laptop.

Michelle Wie is a lead in 3 of the top 5 stories on the page. What a breakthrough for women's sports to finally get some ink and website hits, but then I see the second story and I totally lose my cool. Men will click on the story and none of the others, because it plays into every stereotype of both men and women known to the human race. Men will click on it to see some young woman doing a dance move because they get to see her backside jiggle. Women and any man with a daughter should be disgusted because CBS Sports has decided to act like chauvinist pigs and exploit something with a woman they would never give ink to because a man doing that isn't less relevant, just not interesting. 

There has been a lot of talk about the War on Women in the United States on several fronts. This one, at least to me, is the most frustrating for me. My daughter can be the best in her field in any other endeavor on this planet, but if its in the world of sports, the only thing that matters to CBS Sports is can she shake dat ass?  If she wants to shake it she can......because she just kicked yours!!!


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Carl Pavano retires after 14 seasons in baseball

On Wednesday, Carl Pavano announced his retirement, bringing down the curtain on a major league career that spanned from 1998 through 2012 and included far more controversy â?? and injuries â?? than most. Indeed, Pavano’s career ended with his most serious ailment of all, a life-threatening ruptured spleen suffered while snow-shoveling in January 2013, thwarting his plans for a comeback. Indeed, injuries prevented Pavano from reaching his full potential and made him an easy target for the media, particularly throughout his four-season...

Tottenham, Juventus among Europa final 16

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 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying