Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gambit o'news

Hezbos disarm? Think not

Clerics should know eh? His own messenger?

Cut and Run...Later though

Good news for the good guys Throw stones much?
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Fence building..... in Arabia

Seems the border fence idea is a good one. First the Israelis, then us (planned) and now... Saudia Arabia?


Saudi Arabia is pushing ahead with plans to build a fence to block terrorists from crossing its 560-mile border with Iraq — another sign of growing alarm that Sunni-Shiite strife could spill over and drag Iraq's neighbors into its civil conflict.

I wonder if the dhimms will protest this?

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Global (warming/cooling?)

Read this article Link.

Read all of it, and think about what the media is trying to do to you.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jihadi's, Iraq and Terror

Seems Drudge (as always) has the good stories tonight.

Dhimmikrauts and the MSM continually harp on 'the Iraqi war caused terrorism' that we see today. Never mind the fact that more terror strikes occured against the U.S. before the Iraqi war started than since.

The NYTimes parroted the recent U.S. Intelligence report stating that, indeed, the Iraqi war caused jihadis and terror to multiply (as a direct result). Nevermind that they only used part of the story to base their article on (it is the NYT, they do not believe anything has to be true to be news), just think of the fact that ANY act by the U.S. will be guaranteed to increase jihadis and terror except surrender. That is the only guaranteed way of appeasing the Islamofacists (and most liberals) in this world.

I used to speak of moderate and extremist moslems, this I will no longer do. I don't think I should label anyone in Islam extremist until someone can show me a moderate moslem. As long as the 'silent majority' stays silent, they condone by inaction the terrorist views of the 'fringe' that the MSM keeps harping on.


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Oil Prices still dropping

You know it's all a big plot by Rove to win the elections right :)

From Drudge comes this gem:
TOKYO (Reuters) - Oil prices fell to a new six-month low below $60 a barrel on Monday as news of BP restoring output at Prudhoe Bay added to a sense of healthy global supplies.

U.S. light, sweet crude for November fell 56 cents to $59.99 a barrel in Globex electronic trading. By 0108 GMT it stood 61 cents lower at $59.94 a barrel, deepening a seven-week rout that has knocked more than $17 a barrel off prices.

Prices fell below the previous $60.00 a barrel low posted on September 20.


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Fighting Terrorists in Their Own Way

Drudge has this link about terrorist fighting: used-car style.

Stations say ‘jihad’ car spots go too far

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tim Feran

Some Columbus radio stations have rejected as insensitive an advertisement for a car dealership that invokes Islamic references.

The general manager of the dealership, though, says the promotions — which he called "tongue-in-cheek" — will air on some stations beginning next week.

In the spot, Keith Dennis of Dennis Mitsubishi talks about "launching a jihad on the automotive market."

I'd have to see the commercial, but it sounds cheesy in a funny way from what I read.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

9/11 Memorial

I thought this was old news.. but Ace is running with it (seems a new article) so I'll post it.

Sept. 11 inscriptions spark outrage
By Beth Lucas, Tribune
September 23, 2006
Inscriptions etched into Arizona’s Sept. 11 monument — meant to inspire and capture the horror of the terrorist attacks — sparked the beginnings of a political blog battle this week.

Great quote here from someone you'd think would know better (well maybe she's a dhimmi)
Tempe resident Donna Bird, whose husband Gary was killed in the attack, was among the 30-member Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission created by former Gov. Jane Hull in 2002.

She said all the inscriptions were found factual by an Arizona State University history professor.[emp. mine] She added that she wouldn’t have helped design the memorial, which names her husband, if it were political.[again me]

I'm sure the good ole prof did alot of research on these quotes... and it's not 'political'.

Read the whole thing.

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Save the Tripoli 6

Via InstaPundit and DailyKos:

TRYING TO SAVE THE TRIPOLI SIX, who are being scapegoated for lousy Libyan infectious-disease policies. Darksyde emails: "Background-- the Libyan was going to shoot some volunteer workers who helped out in a Children's hospital. They're accused of infecting kids with AIDS. In fact, it's common in third world shitholes to reuse the syringes, and infections thus are easily transmitted. We have infectious disease profs and researchers who can back that up with plenty of documentation."

A good non-partisian cause for everyone to wrap around.

Geneva; Article 3

I'm damn glad our enemies follow the geneva conventions (Link). Now if we followed it as well as they do, you think the sound from the MSM and Dhimmis would be as quiet?

I know, retorical questions aren't good on Saturday nights.

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Holding the wrong guy

Seems the US decided to detain the Venezuelan foreign minister before he returned home from New York. (Link)

Why would they hold him for his part in a failed coup and not hold Hugo for the same thing?

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Bin Laden -6?

Unconfirmed French Report that Osama is dead.

Read it at Yahoo TownHall Blogs and other websites.

This would be both great (for the world and the US in particular) and worrisome for the Dhimmis and Islamofacists.


Seems the Palestinians can't win for losing... Square 0

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Friday, September 22, 2006


New blog, not sure how much I'll get to post, but I'll try to at least daily.

I'll be adding some links to the sidebar later (instapundit, lgf, anti-idiotarian, etc) so make sure to visit them after I do.

Just a little moonbattiness for you to read while you wait.

Restrain Bush?

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 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying