Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I filched this from Ace... sue me :)

If you aren't laughing after watching this, then you are hopeless.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! :)

I'll put pictures of lil bit up when/if I get them.

Monday, October 29, 2007


From MVRWC comes this gem:

Last week, Israeli MK Yossi Beilin introduced a bill into the Knesset calling for the expulsion of all Jews from Hebron. But, before the vote, MK Arieh Eldad announced he had prepared an identical bill… with one slight but important difference.

Mk Eldad exchanged the words “Jewish Community of Hebron” for the words “Hebron Palestinians.” Otherwise, the bill was exactly the same. Beilin’s bill called to expel the the Jews of Hebron and Eldad’s bill called to expel the Palestinians of Hebron.

and… oh! the outrage of the left! He called for the expulsion of Palestinians!?! Oh! Voices were raised, cries of racism rang out, to which, I have been told, MK Eldad replied, “What about you?”

Indeed. Expel the Jews, that’s okay, but expel the Palestinians, that’s racist. Why? Why is it racist to expel the Palestinians and not racist to expel the Jews?

Beilin’s bill to expel the Jews from Hebron was defeated 47 to 11. Eldad’s bill was not put to vote.

It's amazing what the left (no matter where they are) will decry while accepting anything that displaces the Jews.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

SEC Roundup

Tennessee vs South Carolina:
The first half was all Tennessee, they moved the ball at will and stopped everything SC tried to do. One play Tennessee's defense wasn't even on the field and SC failed to get a first down (j/k). A methodical offense and swarming defense led to a 21-0 Tennessee lead at the half.

The second half, both teams switched. South Carolina changed QB's and moved the ball with abandon, Tennessee's defense couldn't slow them down and the offense sputtered. One drive that wasn't a 3 and out until late (that drive stalled after a failed fourth down conversion).

Two years ago, SC won for the only time in Neyland stadium on a 49 yard field goal. Last night they scored 3 touchdowns to tie it up and then with 1:24 left nailed a, yep you guessed it, 49 yard field goal for a 24-21 lead.

On the ensuing kickoff, Tennessee's LaMarcus Coker returned it to the 49 on a great cutback run. With around 1:18 left, Tennessee drove to the 18 yard line with :28 to go. With time enough to go for the win instead of the tie; Ainge backed up to pass and was sacked and fumbled. Tennessee recovered and had to spike the ball to stop the clock at :09 (no time-outs left) for a field goal try to tie. The try was (very) wide left but there was a false start on UT and the play didn't count (thank goodness). Backed up 5 yards now it was a 48 yarder (47 yards was the kickers long) and the kick was true. Overtime! In OT UT got the ball first, bogged down and kicked another field goal for a 27-24 lead. SC got the ball and couldn't do anything (unusually) and brought in their reliable kicker for a cheap 41 yarder. He missed it BADLY and UT wins!
Auburn vs Ole Miss:
Both offenses are terrible but Auburn's defense is awesome. It showed in a 17-3 win by the Tigers.
Georgia vs Florida (World's Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party):
Florida, even with 2 SEC losses entered the day controlling their own destiny in the East. Win out and they go to the championship game. Georgia had lost 15 of the last 17 to UF and today looked like just another loss.

Something funny happened on the way to the game. Georgia came out running and never stopped. With Tebow (UF QB) hurt, Georgia's defense held him to -15 yards rushing (he did have 2 TD's) and the Florida defense played like it was wearing UT jerseys (heh). In the end, it was too much Moroney from Georgia (188 yards, 3 TD's) and a 42-30 beatdown for UF at the hands of Georgia.
Vanderbilt vs Miami (OH):
Vandy hasn't been to a bowl game since '82 I think. To get to one you have to get 6 wins in a year. They entered this game with 4 (and a difficult schedule after) so winning this one was a must. After letting Miami get back into it in the first half, Vandy pulled away in the second half for a 24-13 win and one step closer to that elusive bowl berth.
Arkansas vs Florida International:
This game shouldn't have been competitive and wasn't. Arkansas could have brought cheerleaders in and still ran the ball. A 58-10 pasting looks good on your stat sheet.
Kentucky vs Mississippi State:
Kentucky is already bowl eligible but has dreams of the SEC East (after their National title hopes were crushed in the close loss to UF last week). Mississippi State has been bad for a long time and with 4 wins, stood just 2 wins from a bowl berth (unthinkable at the beginning of the year).

This game was a terrible game if you were a KY fan (hey EMB) or even if you just pull for them. Miss. St. moved the ball at will and scored the 31-14 upset by making KY turn the ball over 6 times (including 3 interceptions from the once heisman touted QB at KY).

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Idiot Alert

The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.

100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed.

The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000. [link]

Already we see it happening don't we... heh. I see tons of 'not-so beautiful' people married or dating (or just having sex, although I don't actually 'see' that), heck I was married and have a child (making sure my DNA makes it to the next round).

Of course, a lot can happen in the next 100k years, but leave it to a scientist to tell you he knows what will happen based on... well gut-feelings I'd guess.

I agree on some of the things he says (skin color will be a thing of the past one day, as inter-marriage, inter-sex and so forth will blur melanin lines) but to think that the human race will split into two 'distinct' species is sheer folly. Of course evolution is all about species evolving into other (completely different) species and so far, we havn't exactly found any that did that (yes there is much postulation that it has happened, but it's theoritical).

"Physical features will be driven by indicators of health, youth and fertility that men and women have evolved to look for in potential mates," says the report, which suggests that advances in cosmetic surgery and other body modifying techniques will effectively homogenise our appearance.

Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and bigger penises, according to Curry in a report commissioned for men's satellite TV channel Bravo.

It is ironic that cosmetic surgery is used as one of the indicators. Unless the good people at Bravo don't realize this, cosmetic surgery doesn't alter DNA, it is merely ... um... cosmetic.

And sad to say, some of today's metro-sexual men will be out of luck in the year 3000 as traditional men come to the fore (after cosmetic surgery of course). heh

Friday, October 26, 2007


I have now visited (today) ALL the links in my 1st four rolls (if you didn't get a visit from me, let me know). Can't do that much (too many of them) but today I decided to do it. [I'll get to the other rolls as time permits]

I would like to pass this along from Dragon Lady's World:

Diane emailed me this morning, and I swear I thought I had posted it before. My best friend Brenda had emailed it to me like last year, and I had looked it up to make sure it wasn’t a hoax then.

This is a great idea. It only takes a minute. Longer if you’re like me and can’t make up your mind. But worth it. This is easy to do and no signing up for anything! What a wonderful idea!

Something cool that Xerox is doing

If you go to this web site, Let’s Say Thanks, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services.

How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! This is a great site.
Please send a card.
It is FREE and it only takes a second.

It really is just that simple. Having been deployed to the desert, I can tell you first hand how much things like this are appreciated by the troops.

Let the troops know you care, it's free and fast.

And this picture from Dumb Ox Daily News from San Diego:

*edited in to add the link to Let's say Thanks (oops)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Westboro Idiots

While the evil that is the Westboro church was using their 1st amendment rights(*) to protest the country's stance on homsexuality by making the life of family members of dead soldiers miserable; one father is fighting back:

Albert Snyder said Wednesday he had hoped for a private funeral for his son, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder.

"They turned this funeral into a media circus and they wanted to hurt my family," Snyder testified. "They wanted their message heard and they didn't care who they stepped over. My son should have been buried with dignity, not with a bunch of clowns outside."

Snyder is suing the Westboro Baptist church, whose members have picketed the funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming the deaths are punishment for the country's tolerance of homosexuality. The York resident is seeking unspecified monetary damages in the case for invasion of privacy and intent to inflect emotional distress as a result of the Topeka, Kan., church's protest at his son's funeral in Westminster in March 2006. [link]

I'm not sure that this lawsuit has a shot in hell, but then again, there's always '12 idiots' to sit a jury somewhere.

I personally believe that homosexuality is a sin; but I don't believe that tolerance of it is. G-d has told us to be tolerant and to 'love thy neighbor' and leave the judgment to Him. If the evil that is Westboro truly believed the spittle they hash out, they would sit quietly in the corner and wait on Noah to rebuild the ark. They use the excuse of punishment to decry what they don't believe in. If it stopped there, they'd be no different than any liberal protesting the war or any conservative protesting taxes. But they take it that one step further by intruding into the private lives of grieving families when those families need the prayers that actual church people would gladly give.

If you've read this blog before, you know how I feel for liberals and democrats in power; yet I would take Hillary and Obama any day before I would give this 'church' a kind word or thought.

Spree over at StoptheACLU has a good rant on this also (he uses bigger words heh)
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Dream Act dies (again): From Hotair, but almost everyone has this

For now. Cloture fails, 52-44. Standby for the roll and reaction.

Update: I’m hoping to get some video up of Durbin but the Beauchamp news may have me sidetracked for awhile. Here’s the roll, though, as promised. Recall that the shamnesty cloture vote this summer failed with 53 votes, not 44, although it was more politically important for the participants to be seen on the right side in that one than it was here, which probably accounts for most of the difference.

Quick and easy scan of Democrats voting against: Baucus, Byrd, Conrad, Dorgan, Landrieu, Pryor, Tester, and good ol’ McCaskill, whose objections to amnesty evidently don’t end at labor concerns. Republicans voting for: Bennett, Coleman, Collins, our friend Larry Craig, Hagel, Hatch, Hutchison, Lott, Lugar, “Amnesty Mel” Martinez, Snowe, and Sam Brownback, who was free to show his true colors today sans 11th-hour switch.

Allah posts the actual votes on his site also (visit and see, read the comments);

The Jena 6 news that you probably don't know:

Media myths about the Jena 6

A local journalist tells the story you haven't heard.

Page 1 of 3

Opinion editor Josh Burek talks with Craig Franklin about the distorted story of the Jena 6.

By now, almost everyone in America has heard of Jena, La., because they've all heard the story of the "Jena 6." White students hanging nooses barely punished, a schoolyard fight, excessive punishment for the six black attackers, racist local officials, public outrage and protests – the outside media made sure everyone knew the basics.

There's just one problem: The media got most of the basics wrong. In fact, I have never before witnessed such a disgrace in professional journalism. Myths replaced facts, and journalists abdicated their solemn duty to investigate every claim because they were seduced by a powerfully appealing but false narrative of racial injustice.

I should know. I live in Jena. My wife has taught at Jena High School for many years. And most important, I am probably the only reporter who has covered these events from the very beginning.

The reason the Jena cases have been propelled into the world spotlight is two-fold: First, because local officials did not speak publicly early on about the true events of the past year, the media simply formed their stories based on one-side's statements – the Jena 6. Second, the media were downright lazy in their efforts to find the truth. Often, they simply reported what they'd read on blogs, which expressed only one side of the issue. [link]

Read it all. This is from someone who actually lives there and seems to know what they are talking about.

After you read it, remember what all those anguished congress people said about this story and try to imagine the relevance.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It never fails, the Iraq situation is finally turning around and another problem asserts itself:

Iraq pledges to tackle Kurdish rebels

Haroon Siddique and agencies
Tuesday October 23, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki
The Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, called the PKK a 'terrorist organisation'. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images
Iraq today pledged to shut down the operations of Kurdish rebels operating in the country amid frantic efforts to head off a Turkish attack.

The Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, called the Kurdistan Workers party (PKK) a "terrorist organisation" and announced that he would "shut down their offices".

The move came as the US and Iraq attempt to avert a threatened invasion by Turkish troops looking to crush PKK fighters operating on the Iraqi border.

"The PKK is a terrorist organisation and we have taken a decision to shut down their offices and not allow them to operate on Iraqi soil," Mr Maliki said.

"We will also work on limiting their terrorist activities, which are threatening Iraq and Turkey."

He gave no details of how the rebels could be prevented from launching attacks from their remote mountain bases in northern Iraq. [link]

Un-needed drama at the border. The last thing that country needs is for Turkey to come in and take on the Kurds; but, unless Iraq (and the U.S.) can control the PKK then Turkey will have to do something. Turkey can't continue to be targeted on cross-border raids without defending its people.

I hope Maliki can contain the PKK (and shut them down) for the sake of Iraq and his people. If Turkey has to come after them, the diplomatic situation will be a mess.

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Three women I've read/heard about recently from Hollywood.

Christina Milian (from Man of the House)

Aubrey O'Day from Danity

and Gisele Bundchen (Tom's girl)

I think Christina is one of the most beautiful people in hollywood (my opinion) and Danity is a decent band. Tom's girlfriend is always in the news, but she's a good looking model. Basically this is just a follow up post on Thai's long ago post of beautiful people in hollywood. These might not be my top 3, but they are ones I've read/heard about today.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tennis anyone?

Got this from Ace (I think heh) and couldn't pass it up.
Oh I say! The tennis tournament that uses models as ballgirls

Last updated at 00:59am on 20th October 2007

Could this be the prettiest ballgirl in tennis history? Hugo Boss would certainly like us to think so.

Showing off her ever-ready ball skills, this catwalk beauty was just one of a team of trained adult models appearing at the Madrid Masters in Spain.

madrid tennis ballgirl hugo boss
Who's boss? A model ballgirl captures viewers' attention in Madrid

The ATP tournament hosted some of the greats of the tennis circuit - Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moya, and Manolo Santana.

But unlike other tennis championships around the world, in Madrid the tennis stars come second. [link]

Another pic or two at the daily mail site, but a funny story anyway. Maybe this is what tennis needs to get popular again (barring an American actually being worth a snot [male]).

*yes I did this story simply to put the picture in there, sue me
Meh, I knew Tennessee's defense basically stunk, but I thought their offense would show up. 41-17, good game for Alabama.

Kentucky lost 45-37 to Florida in a good game, but at least they came in under the 9 point spread :)

LSU beat Auburn on the last play of the game (Who besides Les Miles doesn't kick the game winning field goal with 6 seconds left?) 30-24.

Vandy beat South Carolina :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


I haven't left, just been a buys week. (see below post)

I've been on midnights, so everyone got a visit from me (more than one) and that's good, but nothing to blog about. I should put something up today after I get everything done.

Maybe EMB or Thai can get something out there.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rest in Peace

In Loving Memory of:
Tina Paullette [West] Eller
Jan. 20, 1948* - Oct. 14, 2007
My mom's sister died last night after losing her final battle with cancer.
I have only seen her a handful of times since I moved from Tennessee in the early 80's, but she was my favorite. Staying at her house was always fun, she had 3 daughters a little older than I, but they all loved sports, so I fit right in.
She has been very bad off for awhile now and recently the doctors gave up. Late last night she finally succumbed and went to meet her maker. [* not sure on the birth year, when I get final confirmation, I'll amend it]

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Update II

Ok, I've been away awhile and now I'm back :)

I was in Chattanooga for 2 days for fireschool (fire brigade refresher training) and stayed overnight with my aunt and uncle in Rossville Georgia (exit 180-B from I24).

The first day of FB training was ok, we put out a diesel fire in the pit and then attacked a transformer fire. Studied up on foam techniques and such and then left for the day. I went to my relatives and stayed the evening, playing Wii (first time I've played it, bowling, tennis, golf were all fun after you get the hang of it).

Up at 5am, had to be at the training center at 7 for more training. The 2nd day was the day that would break me (at least I thought). I HATE wearing a SCBA, I can't stand the feeling it gives me and I have problems with it. We did the tunnel/maze in the morning (I made it, but it was a close thing a couple of times; with SCBA on and can't see, having to traverse a small area with a firehouse...). Then we put water on energized electrical equipment (very safe if you do it right) and worked on hose techniques and making packs for carrying hose.

After lunch we hit the burn building, this is the part that had me filled with dread; I don't mind fighting fire, heck I've always been somewhat of a pyro, but I hate the SCBA :) First were 'in and outs' where 2 teams of 2 go in, one on the attack and 1 backup. The attack team must go from the opening door to the opposite door in the room and put out a fire in the next room with an indirect attack (placing water on the ceiling in the 4 corners of the room to rob the fire and room of oxygen, thereby putting out the fire) while the 2nd team went halfway for a backup line. The room was filled with smoke from the fire and the door closed behind so visibility was limited to about your elbow (you could just barely make out your hands).

No problem with either of these 2 runs (one as attack, one as backup) as they are fast and there is a 'distracting' fire to keep my mind occupied. After these, we setup for the hard runs.

Team 1 (and then 3) would be the 1st attack/backup and team 2 (and then 4) would be search and rescue and then a 2nd floor attack after search. I was on team 2, so I got the hard run first.

We moved in with no charged hose on the first floor and did a right-hand search until we got to the fire; we waited at the fire while team 1 put it out and then we setup our hose and proceeded to the 2nd floor for a search and attack. We had to search the 2nd floor while a fire raged (if you put out the fire first, you will not have to search, then you will simply recover because any victims will be dead if you don't get them before the fire); some of these moments were touchy with me as there is a lot of 'searching' before you get to the fire and during that time my mind raced.

We got through it and then had to change air bottles and get ready to swap sides. The last run we were the team to put out the 1st floor fire, then just sit tight. This run was no problem as we helped out the other team with hauling hose and the door was actually open so the air was somewhat clear. After that it was some more classroom, then sign the roster, get your stickers and head home.

I then spent the weekend at my parents house, watching football and basically bumming around. I did not go out, didn't talk to anyone and didn't really do anything, but it was fun :)

I'd like to thank everyone that commented on my 'update' thread and tell you guys it means a lot that you did so. I would also thank EMB and Thai for their post, but I can't. The only reason they did it was to get Farmer Fran in the post :( hehe

While nothing has changed for me, I have made it through a 'trying' time (for me) with the training and now have four midnights to get ready for this week. Maybe prospects will jump up sometime :) As of now, I'm seriously considering selling the house (even though it is mine and I am loathe to do so) but I think it would be difficult at best to sell it (location). If I do decide to, I would want a house 'in the city' where more people are, not sure how long that would take, but I know I have a place to stay if needed.

Anyone that is planning a trip that will be coming through North Alabama, feel free to email me and we can get together for a chat :)

Also, in case anyone is wondering why Fred! isn't on the sidebar anymore. I still support and will vote for him but I have de-emphasized myself on here by changing from Lord Nazh's Daily Ramble to The Daily Ramble. Since I am making this 'our' blog I felt I didn't want to put my support in the face of EMB and Thai's support. I do not know whom EMB is supporting but I know that Thai is a Guiliani guy so that's why that happened :)

I want more people to join us at The Daily Ramble. I'd prefer a conservative, pro-lifer, but I'm willing to listen to anyone that wants to join and become a member of the team. Just send me an email (lordnazh @ and we'll see what we got [male, female doesn't matter].

#1 no more

The University of Kentucky hasn't beat a #1 ranked team since 1964. That streak ended today. #17 UK knocked off #1 LSU 43 to 37. Despite doing their best to help LSU win. Turnovers, interceptions, and penalties including a delay of game penalty in the 3rd overtime. It's a good time in the Bluegrass tonight.

More info and stats.

Next week, Univeristy of Florida.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Single White Male Seeks Hot Babe

Thaiphoon and I figured that since our buddy Nazh was in a bit of a funk, we would do what we can to hook him up with some female companionship. If you feel that you will be interested in this fine piece of man meat, feel free to leave a comment and we'll try to get back to you. [PLEASE DO NOT leave personal phone numbers and other personal information where everyone and their grandmother can see it. EMB]

Hello. My name is Lord Nazh. I am a single white male in the 35 to 45 year old range. I live in the great state of Alabama. I currently make a living as a Right Wing Extremist, but enjoy several extra curricular activities.

I enjoy spending time with my family and playing with my daughter. In my free time I enjoy thumping the occasional Bible and thanking G-d for giving us the University of Tennessee and the United States of America. I like blogging and bowling but never at the same time. Always blog responsibly. Friends don't let friends blog and bowl. I love guns, video games and live D&D role playing. Although my favorite activities have to be Star Trek Conventions and dressing up as a 49th Level Elf Archer (female of course ;))

My dislikes are Liberal whackos, Environmentalist hippies, Islamic extremists, peacenik pansies and dressing as a 48th Level Elf Archer (I hate posers!)

I am looking for a meaningful, long term one night stand with a beautiful blond woman (wigs are acceptable). You must have at least 25% of your original teeth and mostly STD free. You must like to dress up like Wonder woman. Then tie me up with a golden lariat and force me to tell the truth!! I've been a very naughty Elf.

My picture is posted below. Please include a recent picture of yourself for future reference. [Keep it clean please. EMB]

I'll be waiting... XoXoXo

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Not sure where I found this picture at (so i can't credit it) but I love it.

It somewhat reflects my day-to-day existance at this point in my life. Lonliness and depression, 2 words I've never dealt with before, are eating at me and I need to get out from under them.

I'm a friendly person, make friends fast and generally have a great time out anywhere, yet I can't get out of this funk. Money woes are only partly to blame, the rest seems to lie with me; somehow, somewhen I've lost the 'me' there.

Bowling last night was fun, just as always, and work is nothing to get upset over either; it's the thought/feeling of going home alone, every day that gets to me. Not really sure what to do about it (other than get more friends who live close enough to visit) but I'll come up with something I'm sure. No real reason to post this, but just wanted to get it out there.

I've had one 'date' since my divorce (yes date is in quotes, it wasn't really a date, but it did involve me, a lady and dinner; all technicals of one) and really no prospects of any at the moment. The people across the street would love for me to go out with their daughter (who is great looking) but she is taken [and they live with them atm due to money problems], the lady up the street says she has someone for me to meet, but I got to see her before I met her and I'm not a big 'hillbilly' style person :)

Got bowling again tonight (I sub'd last night) and then 2 days of 'wonderful' fire school [learn to be a better fireman] for work, I'll be staying in my aunt's house [the one they don't live at anymore, which is close to where I'm training] so may actually go out and eat on the company dime heh. After that I have lil bit this weekend, now when she's here, there is no lonely or depression; she makes the room light up and of course we'll probably go see mamaw [the main reason she wants to stay with me I think is so I'll take here there] and all will be good.

Falen had a colonoscopy today, so everyone pray she recovers well; I spoke to her earlier but she was med'd up so much she probably won't remember. If she still reads this blog then I'd like to state that I don't blame or hold her responsible for my current strait; it is a by-product of divorce, but it wasn't caused by it. This is something I'll just have to get through so I can have fun again.

*note: yes I do have fun alone with the dogs, the tv, the computer et al. but I'm missing the human element some days ... and I need a date bad hehe

Monday, October 8, 2007


The 115th came home to more than just heartfelt thanks and applause, they also got a little recognition from higher up:
Local Guard unit earns merit commendation
Last Updated:October 07. 2007 11:11PM
Published: October 08. 2007 3:30AM

Major Eric Burrage recalls the question someone asked upon his return from a tour in Iraq as commander of the 115th Signal Battalion's Company A.

"Someone asked me once, 'How did your soldiers handle it over there?' " Burrage said during a ceremony Sunday afternoon where the company received the Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Burrage said that question brought many thoughts to mind.

Those thoughts included what he refers to as the company's "first-class service," despite the practically daily mortar and rocket attacks and searing Iraqi desert heat they endured.

He thought about Staff Sgt. Phillip Gunter's ability to listen to a damaged generator run over the phone and diagnose the problem. That helped reduce the amount of dangerous convoys that would have been needed to go to the generator and diagnose the problem.

Burrage mentioned numerous electrical, plumbing and building support projects that remain to this day in Iraq.

He recalled when 1st Lt. Bill Smith was hit by mortar fire and knocked to the ground. Smith's first thoughts at that moment were concern about others' safety and whether the shelling had knocked out the signal service.

Finally, Burrage came up with the best description he could think of, to answer the question of how his solders handled their tour of war in Iraq. [link]
A very good write up in the local paper, read it all. No matter how you personally feel about the conflict in the ME, it is imperative to not take it out on the brave men and women that are doing there duty there.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Stanford 24 USC 23... even the best Trojan can break heh

SEC Roundup

LSU and Florida play tonight (7:30 central on CBS) and Arkansas is playing Chattanooga right now.

Kentucky and South Carolina played Thursday night; it was a chance for Kentucky to solidify it's top-10 ranking and Woodson's heisman hopes. In the end, both the ranking and the hopes were dashed.

Auburn and Vandy played the early game. I thought this would be a good game, Auburn coming off the stunning win at Florida last week and Vandy playing well; but it turned into a one-team show with AU dominating from start to finish and Vandy looking like the Vandy of old.

Mississippi and Mississippi State had easy games against La. Tech and UAB respectively. Although Miss. State had to come from behind in the last quarter.

Alabama played Houston and won fairly easily. The score was closer than I assume the game was (not on 'free' tv) but if you took Houston and the 10 points, you're a winner. [no recap at post time]

Game of the day was Tennessee and Georgia at Neyland stadium. Georgia came in ranked #12 and the UT defense had been torched all year. Perfect recipe for a blowout ... by Tennessee :) With apologies to Mary Katherine Hamm of, it was a great game.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Russellville woman indicted for poisoning her boyfriend's dinner
Last Updated:October 05. 2007 2:39PM
Published: October 05. 2007 2:00PM
Last Modified: October 05. 2007 2:39PM

A Russellville woman has been indicted on attempted murder charges after allegedly poisoning her boyfriend’s steak dinner.

Jamie Michelle Sheffield, 46, 1590 Franklin 75, was indicted by a September session of the grand jury and charged with trying to kill Donald McGee at his home at 21 McGee Lane, in Russellville, in February 2006.

Investigators said that Sheffield prepared a salad and potatoes while McGee grilled steaks for the couple and some more guests.

After an argument between Sheffield and McGee, the other visitors left the residence, taking their dinners with them.

Sheffield and McGee continued to argue once they were alone.

Reports indicate that McGee left the home for a short period of time. While he was gone, authorities believe that Sheffield put a poisonous substance known as temic in McGee’s food.[link]

Why in the world would someone allow an argument to lead to attempted murder? There's not even a money motive (if they were married), yet this woman literally tried to kill her boyfriend over something so simple as an argument.

I realize that arguments aren't always simple, but that's because of the people involved, not the argument :) It's up to the people in an argument to be able to distance themselves from the over-reaching emotions that one stirs up before taking any action, such as poisoning your boyfriend.

I hope this woman gets the max penalty the law allows and is required to take some common sense classes ...

[notice a pattern here, I'm going local for now heh]

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Police looking for accused child molester
Last Updated:October 03. 2007 11:00PM
Published: October 04. 2007 3:30AM

Police are looking for a Florence man accused of raping and sodomizing two girls in 2006.

Florence police detective Keith Johnson said authorities have been searching for Joe Henry Jones Jr. since arrest warrants were issued for him in September 2006.

Johnson said the warrants charge Jones, 33, of 910 W. Montgomery Ave., Florence, with two counts of first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sodomy

Both offenses are Class A felonies, which are punishable by 10 years to life if the defendant is convicted.

Johnson said Jones has reportedly been in hiding since the accusations were made against him. He said in addition to staying at the West Montgomery Avenue residence, Jones has also lived from time to time at a residence on Pruitt Street in Florence and possibly in other states.

"We have received word that he has been in Louisiana and Ohio," Johnson said. [link]
I guess this answers Stans question on sodomy. This is one sick bastard who needs to be caught. According to the article they have been looking for a year (+) now and still have no real clue to his whereabouts. If anyone sees this man, please contact the Florence police department (or your local police) and let's get this guy off the streets before it's your little girl in the news.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Table for one?

Table for one?
Don't rely on instant mac-and-cheese for every meal
Last Updated:October 01. 2007 3:35PM
Published: October 03. 2007 3:30AM

Associated Press
Stir-fry chicken packets are made by sealing chicken, vegetables and seasonings in a foil packet prior to baking.

A table for one can be lonely - or it can be the envy of two-person households who spend much more on meals than their single peers.

Whether you're living in a dorm room or a cubby-hole sized first apartment, at the end of the day, what to cook for supper is the question.

"Of course (being in a single person household), is going to cut down on the cost of food you purchase," said Mary J. Andrews, an urban regional extension agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, singles need not spend money on pricey foods to get a tasty, healthful meal.

Basics from the major food groups such as milk, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, beans and bread provide the base for simple inexpensive meals.

One package of chicken breasts, for example, can make two or more meals for one person and can be grilled, fried or baked with different spices to add variety.

Andrews and various food Web sites offer tips and recipes to avoid eating instant macaroni every night of the week. [link]
While the article starts as a one person vs two person household, it doesn't stay that way. There are some good (even if they are common sense) tips to be had on shopping and what you should eat. I'm not entirely sure if they are talking to people like me who live alone, or the guys with gals :) but the tips probably would remain the same either way.

I realize this isn't politics or sports, but it is local and written by a local writer and all the 'big' news has been covered by people you guys are visiting anyway.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I want more people to join us at The Daily Ramble. I'd prefer a conservative, pro-lifer, but I'm willing to listen to anyone that wants to join and become a member of the team. Just send me an email (lordnazh @ and we'll see what we got [male, female doesn't matter].

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 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying