Friday, October 5, 2007

Russellville woman indicted for poisoning her boyfriend's dinner
Last Updated:October 05. 2007 2:39PM
Published: October 05. 2007 2:00PM
Last Modified: October 05. 2007 2:39PM

A Russellville woman has been indicted on attempted murder charges after allegedly poisoning her boyfriend’s steak dinner.

Jamie Michelle Sheffield, 46, 1590 Franklin 75, was indicted by a September session of the grand jury and charged with trying to kill Donald McGee at his home at 21 McGee Lane, in Russellville, in February 2006.

Investigators said that Sheffield prepared a salad and potatoes while McGee grilled steaks for the couple and some more guests.

After an argument between Sheffield and McGee, the other visitors left the residence, taking their dinners with them.

Sheffield and McGee continued to argue once they were alone.

Reports indicate that McGee left the home for a short period of time. While he was gone, authorities believe that Sheffield put a poisonous substance known as temic in McGee’s food.[link]

Why in the world would someone allow an argument to lead to attempted murder? There's not even a money motive (if they were married), yet this woman literally tried to kill her boyfriend over something so simple as an argument.

I realize that arguments aren't always simple, but that's because of the people involved, not the argument :) It's up to the people in an argument to be able to distance themselves from the over-reaching emotions that one stirs up before taking any action, such as poisoning your boyfriend.

I hope this woman gets the max penalty the law allows and is required to take some common sense classes ...

[notice a pattern here, I'm going local for now heh]

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