Friday, October 31, 2014

College Football

Computer was out during the move so no pick on last nights FSU win

Last week - T25 14-4 (127-31 .804 overall) SEC 5-1 (62-13 .827 overall)

1]   Mississippi State vs Arkansas
4]   Auburn vs 3] Ole Miss
Stanford (over 5] Oregon)
20] West Virginia vs 7] TCU
9]   Kansas State vs Ok State
10] Notre Dame vs Navy
11] Georgia vs Florida
22] UCLA vs 12] Arizona
13] Baylor vs Kansas
14] Arizona State vs 17] Utah
15] Nebraska vs Purdue
16] Ohio State vs Illinois
18] Oklahoma vs Iowa State
23] East Carolina vs Temple
Pittsburgh vs 24] Duke

Tennessee vs South Carolina
Texas A&M vs UL Monroe
Kentucky vs Missouri
Vanderbilt vs Old Dominion

Thursday, October 23, 2014

College Football

12-4 last week on the Top 25 (113-27 (.807) overall) and 5-1 SEC (57-12 (.826) overall); Hopefully a little better on the T25 this week.

1]   Mississippi State travels to Kentucky; KY got a rude awakening last week and this week should be worse (although it is at home); State by 29
3]   Ole Miss at 24] LSU; LSU showed life last week but now host a hot defense, this should be an exciting game that Ole Miss pulls out at the end; Rebels by 4
4]   Alabama at Tennessee; The UT defense will be stout, the offense hopefully will be moving; Alabama routed A&M last week and is on a roll. At Knoxville, the crowd will be jumping and I don't think Bama will be able to roll them, but they will be able to beat them :(  Bama by 12
5]   Auburn hosts South Carolina; Should be a wild one, going with the Tigers at home by 8
6]   Oregon at Cal; The Ducks got it going last week and should be rolling even on the road; Oregon by 24
8]   Michigan State hosts Michigan; Sparty should roll over the wreck that is UM; Hoke will be gone soon; State by 18
10] TCU hosts Texas Tech; TCU defense should be back on track and Tech likes to give up the rock; Frogs by 12
11] Kansas State hosts a suddenly resurgent Texas; KState coming off a big last second win over Oklahoma and Texas is playing better every week.  Upset special, longhorns by 6
13] Ohio State at Penn State; This was a BIG game weeks ago; PSU has deflated since then and Ohio State has exploded; Buckeyes by 19
14] Arizona State at Washington; The Husky defense will make the difference in this upset; UW by 4
15] Arizona at Washington State; Zona by 9
16] Nebraska hosts Rutgers; Husker running is on track and Rutgers just got smashed by OSU; Nebraska in a squeaker by 4
18] East Carolina hosts UConn; Pirates by 21
19] Utah hosts 20] USC; both are playing well, home-field should be the difference, Utes by 4
21] Clemson hosts Syracuse; Tigers by 8
22] West Virginia at Oklahoma State; WV on a tear after routing Baylor, but this is the Big 12 and homefield is big here; OK State in the upset by 2
23] Marshall big over Florida Atlantic (by 18)
25] UCLA is at Colorado; Bruins by 24

Arkansas by 29 over UAB at home
Missouri by 19 over Vandy at home

Thursday, October 16, 2014

College Football

Argh last week was awful; this week will be too heh :)

10-4 T25 (101-23 (.815) overall) 6-2 SEC (52-11 (.825) overall)  double-ouch

2]   Florida State hosts 5] Notre Dame; Winston under the gun, but it doesn't seem to affect his play on the field. FSU defense has been atrocious, but the ND offense loves to give the ball away. FSU by 4
3]   Mississippi hosts Tennessee: UT been close, not this time :(   Miss by 19
4]   Baylor at West Virginia; the 2 offenses that play the most, neither defense is that good; WV's is a little better and they are at home. But got burned on Baylor last week. Baylor by 3
7]   Alabama hosts 21] Texas A&M; both teams are reeling (although Ala won last week) and they both have major issues. One gets it fixed and the other is done. Bama by 40
8]   Michigan State at Indiana: Sparty fixes its' issues and takes it by 18
9]   Oregon hosts Washington; The Washington D is on fire, but Oregon is back on track and would be hard to believe they would lose 2x at home (and not to Stanford); Ducks by 8
10] Georgia at Arkansas: Everyone thinks Arkansas is so close to winning and they have a chance here, I don't. UGA by 12
11] Oklahoma hosts 14] Kansas State: Ok is done if they lose, KState is also. This is the upset this week, KState by 7
12] TCU hosts 15] Oklahoma State; How does TCU bounce back after giving up a 24 point lead to Baylor? They don't. Upset Cowboys by 2
13] Ohio State hosts (5-1) Rutgers! Should be a good game, Buckeyes have too much talent in the end and win by 6
17] Arizona State hosts 23] Stanford: Tree defense gets it back and the offense finally does something in the upset. Stanford by 4
19] Nebraska at Northwestern: Which NW will show up? The one that beat Wisconsin or the 'real' NW? Nebraska in a squeaker by 1
20] Utah at Oregon State: State makes the statement and the upset by 9
22] USC hosts Colorado; USC by 19
24] Clemson at Boston College; Tigers by 2 
25] Marshall at FIU: The drive to stay undefeated continues; Herd by 8

South Carolina over Furman by 32
Missouri over Florida by 3
LSU over Kentucky by 1

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

College Football

Brutal week last week. I picked some good upsets but whiffed no the rest ><

12-5 T25 (91-19 (.827) overall) and 4-2 SEC (46-9 (.836) overall) - bad very bad

1]   Florida State at Syracuse; the Cuse plays up to competition but they can't close; FSU plays down to comp but played well at Wake last week. FSU by 31
2]   Auburn at 3] Mississippi State; this week's big game in the SEC. Both run well, both playing good defense but it is at the Bulldogs. MSU is on fire and Auburn just destroyed LSU. Auburn has hopes of a national title, MSU has the heisman hopeful QB. Argh  MSU by 1
3]   Mississippi at 14] Texas A&M; Should be an easy win for the Rebels with the Aggie defense almost non-existent; somehow it won't be; but Miss pulls through by 4
5]   Baylor hosts 9] TCU; Baylor is finally playing some defense, but the offense isn't clicking like normal. TCU just went to Oklahoma and pulled off the upset. Pick them to make it 2 in a row by 4
6]   Notre Dame hosts North Carolina; ND by 21
7]   Alabama at Arkansas; the Bama kick game has problems and the defense is on the ropes. Arkansas has looked good but can their run game go it alone against Bama. I'm thinking yes; upset by 7
8]   Michigan State at Purdue; won't be as easy but Sparty by 14
10] Arizona (off the huge win last week at Oregon) hosts USC; Zona by 9
11] Oklahoma hosts Texas (Red River Rivalry); Texas playing good D but is awful. OK by 24
12] Oregon at 18] UCLA; loser is out of the playoff; Hundley gets it done against a passive Duck D; UCLA by 5
13] Georgia at 23] Missouri; UGA gets it done on the road (and payback for last year) by 12
16] Oklahoma State at Kansas; OKState by 29
19] East Carolina at South Florida; ECU by 22
22] Georgia Tech hosts Duke; GT is undefeated and on fire; Duke is Duke, but upset city; Duke by 7

Tennessee over Chattanooga by 29
Kentucky over UL Monroe by 19
Vanderbilt hosts FCS (1-AA) Charleston Southern, normally a 'gimme' game; Vandy is upset by 5
LSU over Florida by 8 (found in edit; still didn't see a pick on the Stanford game grr)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

College Football

15-3 T25 last week (79-14 (.849) overall) and 6-1 SEC (42-7 (.857) overall) This week will be much tougher, lots of head-to-head T25 matchups (in the SEC no less)

1]   Florida State hosts Wake Forest; FSU defense isn't fixed but Wake's offense isn't special. FSU by 31
2]   Oregon hosts Arizona; should be a shoot-out, it's at Outzen stadium so Ducks should roll (by 18)
3]   Alabama travels to 11] Ole Miss; Bama has holes it has to fix and the starting QB hasn't had a road start yet. Ole Miss has an awesome defense and a senior offense. Should be a great game and picking against Alabama is usually a good way to get a L on your record, but going to have to go with the home crowd here and take Johnny Reb by 4
4]   Oklahoma is at 25] TCU: OK is #1 in a lot of polls projecting for the playoff and TCU is on fire (against weak competition) on defense. Should be awesome game and another predicted upset. Frogs by 1
5]   Auburn hosts 15] LSU; New QB for LSU, same ole same ole for Auburn. It's at Auburn and the crowd could wreck havoc on the Harrison in his first start. Both teams have shown holes of late and LSU did just get mauled by Miss State.  Auburn should be able to hang on, barely; AU by 4
6]   Texas A&M is at 12] Mississippi State: The SEC west will get some love this week and lose at least 2 of their undefeated teams. A&M looked unbeatable when they took out SC early on, but State looked the same last week with the demolish of LSU. High powered offenses for both so the question will be which defense can stop the other.  I'm thinking the State D will pick up a turnover or 2 and get the W by 4
7]   Baylor at Texas: Baylor by 20
8]   UCLA hosts Utah: Hundley looked very sharp last week; Utah has a much-improved defense, but not enough I think on the road. Bruins by 10
9]   Notre Dame hosts 14] Stanford: The Tree has many holes on offense but their defense is among the best in football. Notre Dame has not been tested but has shown a tendency to turn the ball over. Stanford will walk out with the W on the back of their defense; Cardinal by 3
10] Michigan State hosts 19] Nebraska: Nebraska run game against the Spartan defense. Sparty by 3
13] Georgia hosts Vanderbilt: Dogs by 19
16] USC hosts Arizona State: ASU let me down last week and USC is looking much better. Trojans by 4
17] Wisconsin is at Northwestern: Wisconsin will run and run and ... Badgers by 9
20] Ohio State at Maryland: Terrapins won a big one last week, won't happen this week: Buckeyes by 13
21] Oklahoma State hosts Iowa State: OK State by 14
22] East Carolina over SMU by 40
23] Kansas State hosts pass-happy Texas Tech; KState by 11

Kentucky hosts South Carolina; This Kentucky team is for real and this should be the year they take out most anyone; I just don't see Spurrier losing two games in a row. SC by 8

Tenneessee hosts hated-rival Florida; sold-out crowd, relevance, pride, coach on the line [UF], this game has it all. Worley is 100% and Florida is not; UT by 8!!


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying