Thursday, November 15, 2012

Football Picks

4-3 last week (no UT defense, couldn't pick Johnny Football over Alabama and went homer with Ole Miss) season: 64-27 (70.3%)

Tennessee at Vandy: UT by 3
W. Carolina at Alabama: UA by 40
Arkansas at Mississippi St: Ark upset by 5
Jacksonville St at Florida: UF by 25
Wofford at South Carolina: SC by 30
Georgia Southern at Georgia: UGA by 30
Alabama A&M at Auburn: AU by 18
Ole Miss at LSU: LSU by 12
Sam Houston St at Texas A&M: A&M by 50
Syracuse at Missouri: Cuse with the upset by 5
Samford at Kentucky: UK by 3

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Life is sometimes a pain...

I have really put a lot of thought into whether or not to even blog about my daily struggles with chronic pain and Fibro, but a very helpful friend tells me that if it weren't for her daily blog and the friends she has gained from it, as well as Facebook, she just doesn't know how she would be where she is today. So I have finally decided to give it a shot.

I hate when I'm right... sometime Sunday I began feeling anxiety and I've become very in tune to when I'm about to have a "fibro flare" and I knew one was coming. Now my wonderful hubby and I have had plans set to escape to a very nice hotel, for some much needed and deserved relaxation time for our 1st "annimoon" .  We were married Nov. 6th last year and weren't able to take a honeymoon, so we created our own new tradition this year (anniversary + honeymoon=annimoon) So we set off Tuesday, after going to vote, for our planned 2 night, 3 day stay...  I was feeling totally wiped out and completely guilty. Here we never get time to ourselves and I just want to sink into a hot bath and pile in bed. The next day was pretty much the same, except I realized just how lucky I was, when he said that this is just what he had in mind for our "annimoon" to just lay around, relax, and be stress-free. Once home, my flare has rapidly increased and at times the pain has become nearly unbearable, and he has been right there offering words of compassion and concern, helping with what he can, and just being the best! I already knew he has always tried to be understanding and supportive through all my bad days and even mystery sicknesses, but to see his patience through a week that we should be celebrating each other and enjoying the time together has meant more to me than anything. I am such a lucky lady and I hope a day never passes that I can somehow express how thankful I am, how happy he makes me, and that I love him more than words can ever express.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Football Picks

7-1 last week (almost got the LSU upset of Bama, but great last drive by the Tide) for a season total of 60-24(71.4%). New week and new picks (heh)

Florida 'battles' UL Lafayette at the Swamp: Scrimmage time before watching to see if Auburn can upset Georgia. FL by 35

Missouri is at Tennessee: Both have to win to go to a bowl. Missouri's offense is banged up, but UT's defense plays like an anti-offense; should be a high scoring affair and I like UT's chances at home with Brey on fire. UT by 10

Mississippi State is at LSU: MSU started 7-0 (should have lost to UT grumble) and everyone was jumping on the bandwagon, after getting pounded for two straight weeks, the bulldogs are looking for a doctor. LSU will be MAD after letting Alabama escape them last week. With MSU's defense looking sub-par and LSU finding an offense, things won't go well. LSU by 15

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss: Both teams need this, but both can lose and still go bowling (it would be the first time in school history for Vandy to go to back-to-back bowls). Ole Miss deflated last week against Georgia and Vandy got Joker Phillips fired from Kentucky. Vandy is playing better, but this game is at Ole Miss, edge. Miss by 3

Arkansas at South Carolina: Ark can still get to a bowl after their abysmal start; SC is trying to make a BCS bowl. SC has way too much for the razorbacks to handle, SC by 7

Georgia at Auburn: AU playing for pride, Georgia for a trip to the SEC title game (against Bama 99%); AU put together a great 2nd half last week (against New Mexico St natch) and so did Georgia. Pride loses to SEC title game, UGA by 18

Texas A&M at Alabama: Bama's defense showed that they have holes, lots of holes. Johnny football and the Aggies have offensive firepower in spades. Can A&M stop the Tide's offense, can they score when in the redzone (LSU couldn't). I think they can (some) but not enough. Bama by 3

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Football Picks

3-4 last week (grumble)  UT almost pulled it off ( why did I pick Kentucky??? ) and Ole Miss 'upset' Arkansas. 53-23 (69.7%) on the year.

Missouri at Florida: UF lost to Georgia and offense didn't show up; Mizzou beat up on poor ole Kentucky; this one is at Florida and they should be plenty mad. UF by 12

Vanderbilt at Kentucky: Vandy by 20 ugh

Texas A&M at Miss. St: A&M won big last week, State didn't even show up for their game against Bama, A&M keeps it rolling and State slides further back: Aggies by 8

Troy at Tennessee: If UT wins out (and wins a bowl game) they get 8 wins, that MIGHT be enough for Dooley to stay; they start out on the right foot this week; UT by 25

Tulsa at Arkansas: Trap game, Arkansas barely lost to Ole Miss last week and are playing much better, Tulsa has an offense to be scared of; Arkansas at home and needing to win out... Ark by 20

New Mexico State at Auburn: Pillow fight of the week; new starter for Auburn, almost time for a new coach; they should rock this game though: AU by 20

Ole Miss at Georgia: Florida needs Ole Miss to upset the Dawgs to get back to Atlanta, Georgia had a hell of a game last week, can they keep it up?  At home, Georgia by 3

Alabama at LSU: Game of the Year (like the last 2); Bama is cruising, LSU has no offense; The Tigers get it done and knock their way into the title chase: LSU by 3


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying