Thursday, October 25, 2012

Football Picks

6-0 last week (yay? Wish UT woulda beat Bama so I'd be 5-1 heh) so 50-19 (72.5% still bad but improving)

UMass is at Vandy: Vandy gets one step closer to a 2nd straight bowl game this week; The Dores open up everything they have and crush UMass by 22

Kentucky is at Missouri: Both teams stunk it up last (but Ky did play a close game against a real good Georgia team) and Mizzou is without it's top threat. I can't believe I'm writing this, but KY in the upset by 1

Ole Miss is at Arkansas: If this game was at home, Mississippi would be an easy pick, but it's not and Arkansas seems to be playing good football lately. Homefield and some breaks give this one to Ark by 5

Texas A&M is at Auburn: Can AU stop the slide? Will Chizik be there next week? I've been burned a couple times (both ways, natch) picking AU so I'll just go safe and take A&M and their offense this week. TA&M by 10

Tennessee at South Carolina: This game may decide Dooley's career (or lack of) at UT. The head ball coach has said that Shaw will play 'no matter what' unless he gets hurt. I like the UT offense against the battered SC defense, but the game will come down to UT's defense ability (or lack) to stop SC any. With Shaw not looking over his shoulder, his confidence should be sky high.

I think UT's players will rally around the coach and make life miserable for SC: UT in an upset by 3

Mississippi St at Alabama: GOY? The bulldogs are 7-0 for the first time since 1898 (kidding) and on a roll heading into #1 Alabama. They will play a spirited and emotional game, for about 3 quarters. Unfortunately Alabama will play all 4 quarters: Bama by 13

Florida vs Georgia at 'The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party'* for basically the east crown (for UF, UGA needs more if they win) and a cemented slot as the #2 team in the nation behind bama (gators).  Georgia needed help to beat Kentucky last week while Florida destroyed SC: Florida takes it and cruises to the SEC title game against Bama by 12

Celeb o'the Day - Ashely Greene

Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Football Picks

5-1 last week (much better but ACK! Tennessee) Season: 44-19 (69.8% still bad)

UT vs Alabama this week (3rd Saturday in October) -- Ala big favorites and our defense is getting pummeled. Offense should move the ball on that #1 defense, but I don't think we can stop them :(  Ala by 15

LSU at Texas A&M: LSU is back in the title hunt with the win over SC and A&M is rolling on offense; however, only 1 team has a defense in this game :  LSU by 7

Auburn a touchdown dog to Vanderbilt, yep it's happening: Vandy gets a needed win and Auburn slides further: Vandy by 6

South Carolina after that very hard game at LSU gets to go to Florida: Florida is playing at championship caliber and SC might be without Lattimore... FL by 8

Georgia at Kentucky: if this was basketball... it's not: UGA by 28

Middle Tennessee St at Mississippi State: Trap game for MSU, they beat UT last weekend and have #1 Ala next; should be sloppy but they pull it out in the 2nd half: MSU by 13

No cheerleader this week; deal with it

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Football Picks

1-5 last week (yes I got kicked out of the 'He-man Woman Haters Club' for that) season total 39-18 (68.4%) got to be the worst I've ever done picking football ><  sheesh

New week, new pics (and hopefully new luck)

Tennessee is at Mississippi State and State is undefeated with an awesome defense; won't matter, UT takes it to the dogs and wins by 10

Auburn at Ole Miss (Ole Miss disappointed me last week): Auburn couldn't beat the Alabama school for the Blind's women's squad right now; Ole Miss will FINALLY win an SEC game (by 15)

Alabama is at Missouri: Mizzou lost to Vandy last week, ugly game; Alabama is #1 and rolling.  I think Mizzou will show up and play great, too bad they don't stand a chance: Ala by 20

Florida at Vandy; this game seems to always be close, not this time; Florida by 20

Kentucky at Arkansas: Ark sux, but they are better than Auburn and Kentucky combined :)  Ark by 17

South Carolina at LSU: Defense-bowl; SC at least has an offense and should win this going away; somehow I think Les gets it together and LSU wins by 3
Beat that La Tech!

Texas A&M at La Tech (postponed game for week 1): La Tech is undefeated, usually can't say that except in pre-season :)  A&M is rolling with a eek win at Ole Miss last week. La Tech gets the boot this week and A&M wins easy (+10)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Football Picks

5-1 last week (of course, NOW Missouri wins ...) for a season of 38-13(74.5% still bad)...

BIG SEC weekend this weekend, even with Tennessee on a bye week.

Arkansas travels to Auburn; first one to get a 3 and out on the other wins :)  Auburn by 5
Miss State is at Kentucky; in basketball this would be awesome, in football, not so much; MSU by 20

LSU at Florida (dun dun dunnnn): is this where LSU finally gets the offense going and matches their defense? Is this the start of a national run by Florida? It's in the swamp and should be a great game; I think LSU eeks out the win by 1

Vandy at Missouri: Missou gets it's SEC win today, by 10
Texas A&M at Ole Miss: A&M is rolling and Ole Miss played a good game against Bama last week.  At home, with 'momentum' Ole Miss pulls the upset by 3

Georgia at South Carolina (double dun dun dunnns): this is big game #2 and should be awesome; Georgia is the more complete team, but Tennessee showed that they can be pushed around on defense. SC has Lattimore and Shaw to push that Georgia defense around, but, there's no way that SC will contain the freshman running backs from Georgia long enough. UGA by 2


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying