Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rights (repost)

Reposting this while at work to get people to read it :)

s I sit here thinking (yes I know, what am I doing thinking being a 'close-minded wingnut') about life and people's rights in general, I keep going back to something that I've yet to figure out.

Why do you never see women's rights groups protest the treatment of women in the middle east? Why is there never a gay march to protest the way Islam treats gay people? And why do moonbats generally just not give a damn about people's rights in the middle east at all?

These are serious questions. You can't read the paper or watch the news without seeing someone protesting the treatment of someone in this country (or any other non-muslim country) and yet not a whimper about the plight of people in Islamic countries. I realize that the left is totally sold on the idea that 23 million or so Iraqis have no rights and should be abadoned post-haste to the tender mercies of their private little spat, but you'd think the treatment of said people would at least get them to write a petition or something.

Just to be fair, let's compare the plights of women and gays here and there:

In the U.S. women have to endure violence (sometimes), have to endure lower pay (research shows that most women are paid less than men in similar positions), have to endure sterotypical treatment (mother, homemaker, etc.) and have to endure degrading treatment by artists (rap music especially, but also magazines, et al.). Whew, that's rough. Let's see where they stand in Islam: Women can't work (homemaker), can't goto school, can't drive, can't be in public with a non-relative male, can be beaten (yes women are beaten in all societies, but in this one, it's actually illegal to do it, in Islam not only is it legal, they have guidelines on HOW to do it).
So on just a rough comparison we see that the women's groups are protesting the wrong party. But maybe they just don't know?

Ok, let's see how the gays fair:
In the U.S.: 'Steve' and 'Adam' cannot marry, might not be able to adopt... must live with insensitive remarks and the threat of physical violence if they happen to run into an ignorant group of people (this is a legitimate threat as ignorance doesn't seem to be abating).
In Islam: Really only one downside, they would be killed.

Seems on the same basis that these groups are fighting the wrong fight also. Maybe they just tag along to the women's groups parties?

After thinking about this, I finally came up with a hypothesis. Moonbats don't protest these people's plights simply because: They.Do.Not.Care.

A moonbat will protest anything that happens in a place they would like to live. Don't believe me? Find a protest about the 'religious right' or Christian fanatacs when you could only find them in rural Kentucky or the backwoods of Wyoming. There weren't any. Now that the 'rr' and the cf's are EVERYWHERE you see the protests and mock alarm. Moonbats don't want to live in the middle east, so they don't care what happens to the people there. Moonbats love to protest about the environment, yet most moonbats live in big cities, wierd huh?

Of course, alot of people simply won't believe me and that's ok, since this is my opinion anyway. But when the moonbats start actually caring about people then I'll start listening to them.
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James Higham said...

Lot of Southern homespun wisdom here, Verlin. Agree that people protest only about where they'd like to live.

AI said...

Self interests and lunacy; it's all about them. Hey, have you come across this definition of a moonbat?
"An extreme leftist, throwing aside logic for political
convenience. A caller to the Howie Carr radio show summed
it up as "These people wear winter clothes in the summer".
Characterized by men in ponytails, sandals with socks,
and 1.20.09 Bush's Last Day bumperstickers. Often seen
at global warming marches that take place during snowstorms.


Lord Nazh said...

James: Southern opinion more like it :)

AI: great definition

David: thanks for the link man

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

I beleive ya

Winfred Mann said...

Please join us in a protest rally in Tehran, Iran next month. We are protesting the treatment of women, children, gays, and the working class. In addition, we are protesting Iran's interference in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Please draw up your final will before departure.


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