Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Work and purpose

So January of this year an opportunity came my way and as many "work from home" opportunities end up as scams, I very cautiously started with this company.  They introduced me to a client and it happened to be at the very height of their busiest season of the year. I instantly fell in love.

At the end of March things were extremely slow. Even then, I swore I would just lay low and be happy where I was. The longer I have been there I made friends who had been there longer way longer than me and they had taken on more skills and reported more earning potential year round, not just 3 or 4 months out of the year. Well, I slowly took on 1 skill and another and now I am at the point of deciding if I want to move into an actually title beyond "contracted agent". It both scares me and excites me.

     I have had a few ask me about what I do, I message them the information and it just isn't for them and that is okay.  Unlike most people, my "job" started as a hobby, something to help my self esteem and give me purpose, also a way to help with a few wants and needs, and now hopefully in the next year, we will get to start traveling (together for fun, since I already travel.... A LOT, lol)

Well, as anyone that has worked in call center work might know, we are trained to be "ready" for suicidal calls, because sometimes a person on the edge just wants/needs to talk to a stranger. I had not slept well since Sunday so I slept on and off all evening last night and when Vern was finally ready for bed I was restless. So I thought I would see if anyone was needed and logged in.
     My "call" finally came. The 1st minutes of that call time stood still. I started following protocol step by step to the best of my ability (no one call will EVER be the same or by the book) by the calls end I felt the situation was no longer dire and more like just needing to vent. Still, once they left the line I, 2nd guessed everything I did and said. I felt I had not followed protocol properly and thought at least it was going to be an excellent learning opportunitiy and expected coaching and feedback sometime today.
     Well, when I got to my emails I found a great job notification we call "kudos" and was happy. With all of the recent training I had done, I was thankful I must be applying things well. Then I opened my coaching and saw it wasn't a new skill it was THAT CALL. I never expect kudos for doing what they teach us to do, and with all my uncertainty from last night, I was pleased.

Oh my knee... What!?!


So I have been having issues with my left knee for almost 2 years but things started rapidly worsening in October. Bracing and compression were no longer helping really. Still, with my phobia of Drs I just kept putting it off. On our Thanksgiving trip I was wearing a new pair of leggings and I noticed a strange looking indent in my leg just above my knee. Honestly I thought maybe I had been pressing my leg up against the bottom of the steering wheel so long it had imprinted. Lol. Another "excuse" not to get it checked.  Then the pain starting becoming nearly intolerable. I was icing/elavating/bracing and still in considerable pain. So my next appointment, I mentioned it to my Dr and she became instantly concerned and reccomended,I see an orthopedic surgeon. So I reluctantly made an appointment. Still in my mind, expecting to hear it was just arthris and maybe need arthroscopic surgery to clean and repair. I mean I am so thinking it is nothing major, I went by myself. So after Doc checks it out he looked pretty concerned and said he thinks we are looking at a ripped quad. What!?!? I am soooo... NOT athletic, but now his concern is how long I let this go, not knowing when it started or how it happened, makes things a little risky. Not to mention since Thanksgiving the muscle atrophy has tripled in size. For now we wait for all the aggravating athorizations from insurance for testing and hopefully a better idea of what is really going on. For now I am left to restrictions, rest/ice/compression/elevation and dealing with it the best I can...


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying