Thursday, October 16, 2014

College Football

Argh last week was awful; this week will be too heh :)

10-4 T25 (101-23 (.815) overall) 6-2 SEC (52-11 (.825) overall)  double-ouch

2]   Florida State hosts 5] Notre Dame; Winston under the gun, but it doesn't seem to affect his play on the field. FSU defense has been atrocious, but the ND offense loves to give the ball away. FSU by 4
3]   Mississippi hosts Tennessee: UT been close, not this time :(   Miss by 19
4]   Baylor at West Virginia; the 2 offenses that play the most, neither defense is that good; WV's is a little better and they are at home. But got burned on Baylor last week. Baylor by 3
7]   Alabama hosts 21] Texas A&M; both teams are reeling (although Ala won last week) and they both have major issues. One gets it fixed and the other is done. Bama by 40
8]   Michigan State at Indiana: Sparty fixes its' issues and takes it by 18
9]   Oregon hosts Washington; The Washington D is on fire, but Oregon is back on track and would be hard to believe they would lose 2x at home (and not to Stanford); Ducks by 8
10] Georgia at Arkansas: Everyone thinks Arkansas is so close to winning and they have a chance here, I don't. UGA by 12
11] Oklahoma hosts 14] Kansas State: Ok is done if they lose, KState is also. This is the upset this week, KState by 7
12] TCU hosts 15] Oklahoma State; How does TCU bounce back after giving up a 24 point lead to Baylor? They don't. Upset Cowboys by 2
13] Ohio State hosts (5-1) Rutgers! Should be a good game, Buckeyes have too much talent in the end and win by 6
17] Arizona State hosts 23] Stanford: Tree defense gets it back and the offense finally does something in the upset. Stanford by 4
19] Nebraska at Northwestern: Which NW will show up? The one that beat Wisconsin or the 'real' NW? Nebraska in a squeaker by 1
20] Utah at Oregon State: State makes the statement and the upset by 9
22] USC hosts Colorado; USC by 19
24] Clemson at Boston College; Tigers by 2 
25] Marshall at FIU: The drive to stay undefeated continues; Herd by 8

South Carolina over Furman by 32
Missouri over Florida by 3
LSU over Kentucky by 1

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