Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Table for one?

Table for one?
Don't rely on instant mac-and-cheese for every meal
Last Updated:October 01. 2007 3:35PM
Published: October 03. 2007 3:30AM

Associated Press
Stir-fry chicken packets are made by sealing chicken, vegetables and seasonings in a foil packet prior to baking.

A table for one can be lonely - or it can be the envy of two-person households who spend much more on meals than their single peers.

Whether you're living in a dorm room or a cubby-hole sized first apartment, at the end of the day, what to cook for supper is the question.

"Of course (being in a single person household), is going to cut down on the cost of food you purchase," said Mary J. Andrews, an urban regional extension agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, singles need not spend money on pricey foods to get a tasty, healthful meal.

Basics from the major food groups such as milk, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, beans and bread provide the base for simple inexpensive meals.

One package of chicken breasts, for example, can make two or more meals for one person and can be grilled, fried or baked with different spices to add variety.

Andrews and various food Web sites offer tips and recipes to avoid eating instant macaroni every night of the week. [link]
While the article starts as a one person vs two person household, it doesn't stay that way. There are some good (even if they are common sense) tips to be had on shopping and what you should eat. I'm not entirely sure if they are talking to people like me who live alone, or the guys with gals :) but the tips probably would remain the same either way.

I realize this isn't politics or sports, but it is local and written by a local writer and all the 'big' news has been covered by people you guys are visiting anyway.


James Higham said...

Table for one can be romantic, Lord Nazh.

Gracchi said...

Interesting miLord. One issue in the UK I think is that most items are packaged for two people. Cooking for others as opposed to just oneself is also more satisfying at least to me! Having said that good post, cooking is something people ought to do more of for themselves- it is much healthier for a start and very satisfying.

Stan Bull said...

Alabama is full of surprises.they certainly do things differently down there. Is sodomy still a criminal offense in those parts?

Lord Nazh said...

James: I don't see how that can be

Gracchi: most of the items I find are packaged for a family (4)

Stan: don't think so, but I havn't rubbed up against that law

fake consultant said...

here's a tip that will save you at least 25% at the grocery store:

recipes are the enemy.

when you are able to create the evening's meal out of the items that are on sale that week at the store, the savings will pile up.

if it's chicken, mushrooms and sweet onions that are on sale, then that's dinner.

keep a decent batch of seasonings and sauces in the kitchen, and you can't go wrong.

Lord Nazh said...

good advice FC except for the fact that I'm VERY picky :)

Doesn't matter whats on sale, I don't need to save money at the grocery store (I buy very little food), what I need is someone to eat with heh


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