Monday, October 8, 2007


The 115th came home to more than just heartfelt thanks and applause, they also got a little recognition from higher up:
Local Guard unit earns merit commendation
Last Updated:October 07. 2007 11:11PM
Published: October 08. 2007 3:30AM

Major Eric Burrage recalls the question someone asked upon his return from a tour in Iraq as commander of the 115th Signal Battalion's Company A.

"Someone asked me once, 'How did your soldiers handle it over there?' " Burrage said during a ceremony Sunday afternoon where the company received the Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Burrage said that question brought many thoughts to mind.

Those thoughts included what he refers to as the company's "first-class service," despite the practically daily mortar and rocket attacks and searing Iraqi desert heat they endured.

He thought about Staff Sgt. Phillip Gunter's ability to listen to a damaged generator run over the phone and diagnose the problem. That helped reduce the amount of dangerous convoys that would have been needed to go to the generator and diagnose the problem.

Burrage mentioned numerous electrical, plumbing and building support projects that remain to this day in Iraq.

He recalled when 1st Lt. Bill Smith was hit by mortar fire and knocked to the ground. Smith's first thoughts at that moment were concern about others' safety and whether the shelling had knocked out the signal service.

Finally, Burrage came up with the best description he could think of, to answer the question of how his solders handled their tour of war in Iraq. [link]
A very good write up in the local paper, read it all. No matter how you personally feel about the conflict in the ME, it is imperative to not take it out on the brave men and women that are doing there duty there.


jmb said...

Very true Lord Nazh. I do hope people can separate the two, for these people have made great sacrifices, both with their lives and loss of time with their families and their careers.

James Shott said...

"... it is imperative to not take it out on the brave men and women that are doing there duty there."

That is a subtlety that I fear many/most on the Left will be incapable of recognizing.

Lord Nazh said...

Luckily JS not many of 'those' people will read this blog :)

Gracchi said...

James I am on the left in American terms and I do understand that. I have nothing but admiration for the troops serving out there.

The war is an entirely separate issue. I think it has been mishandled on many fronts. But I agree Lord N that doesn't change the fact that I respect and admire the courage and selflessness of the majority of the soldiers out there.

Ian Appleby said...

"Luckily JS not many of 'those' people will read this blog :)"

Evening, Lord Nazh, appreciate the hospitality ;)

James, I would echo what Gracchi has said, and also ask you whether you really think it appropriate that what JMB rightly called the sacrifices of men and women in uniform should be used to try and score cheap partisan points.

Hercules said...

Lord Nazh,

I hope you are well???

Great story, it's very sad that many of these wonderful articles don't make national news.

Great blog, I look forward to reading more.

Liz said...

I disagree with the war but have respect for those willing to risk their lives for others.


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying