Sunday, October 14, 2007

Update II

Ok, I've been away awhile and now I'm back :)

I was in Chattanooga for 2 days for fireschool (fire brigade refresher training) and stayed overnight with my aunt and uncle in Rossville Georgia (exit 180-B from I24).

The first day of FB training was ok, we put out a diesel fire in the pit and then attacked a transformer fire. Studied up on foam techniques and such and then left for the day. I went to my relatives and stayed the evening, playing Wii (first time I've played it, bowling, tennis, golf were all fun after you get the hang of it).

Up at 5am, had to be at the training center at 7 for more training. The 2nd day was the day that would break me (at least I thought). I HATE wearing a SCBA, I can't stand the feeling it gives me and I have problems with it. We did the tunnel/maze in the morning (I made it, but it was a close thing a couple of times; with SCBA on and can't see, having to traverse a small area with a firehouse...). Then we put water on energized electrical equipment (very safe if you do it right) and worked on hose techniques and making packs for carrying hose.

After lunch we hit the burn building, this is the part that had me filled with dread; I don't mind fighting fire, heck I've always been somewhat of a pyro, but I hate the SCBA :) First were 'in and outs' where 2 teams of 2 go in, one on the attack and 1 backup. The attack team must go from the opening door to the opposite door in the room and put out a fire in the next room with an indirect attack (placing water on the ceiling in the 4 corners of the room to rob the fire and room of oxygen, thereby putting out the fire) while the 2nd team went halfway for a backup line. The room was filled with smoke from the fire and the door closed behind so visibility was limited to about your elbow (you could just barely make out your hands).

No problem with either of these 2 runs (one as attack, one as backup) as they are fast and there is a 'distracting' fire to keep my mind occupied. After these, we setup for the hard runs.

Team 1 (and then 3) would be the 1st attack/backup and team 2 (and then 4) would be search and rescue and then a 2nd floor attack after search. I was on team 2, so I got the hard run first.

We moved in with no charged hose on the first floor and did a right-hand search until we got to the fire; we waited at the fire while team 1 put it out and then we setup our hose and proceeded to the 2nd floor for a search and attack. We had to search the 2nd floor while a fire raged (if you put out the fire first, you will not have to search, then you will simply recover because any victims will be dead if you don't get them before the fire); some of these moments were touchy with me as there is a lot of 'searching' before you get to the fire and during that time my mind raced.

We got through it and then had to change air bottles and get ready to swap sides. The last run we were the team to put out the 1st floor fire, then just sit tight. This run was no problem as we helped out the other team with hauling hose and the door was actually open so the air was somewhat clear. After that it was some more classroom, then sign the roster, get your stickers and head home.

I then spent the weekend at my parents house, watching football and basically bumming around. I did not go out, didn't talk to anyone and didn't really do anything, but it was fun :)

I'd like to thank everyone that commented on my 'update' thread and tell you guys it means a lot that you did so. I would also thank EMB and Thai for their post, but I can't. The only reason they did it was to get Farmer Fran in the post :( hehe

While nothing has changed for me, I have made it through a 'trying' time (for me) with the training and now have four midnights to get ready for this week. Maybe prospects will jump up sometime :) As of now, I'm seriously considering selling the house (even though it is mine and I am loathe to do so) but I think it would be difficult at best to sell it (location). If I do decide to, I would want a house 'in the city' where more people are, not sure how long that would take, but I know I have a place to stay if needed.

Anyone that is planning a trip that will be coming through North Alabama, feel free to email me and we can get together for a chat :)

Also, in case anyone is wondering why Fred! isn't on the sidebar anymore. I still support and will vote for him but I have de-emphasized myself on here by changing from Lord Nazh's Daily Ramble to The Daily Ramble. Since I am making this 'our' blog I felt I didn't want to put my support in the face of EMB and Thai's support. I do not know whom EMB is supporting but I know that Thai is a Guiliani guy so that's why that happened :)

I want more people to join us at The Daily Ramble. I'd prefer a conservative, pro-lifer, but I'm willing to listen to anyone that wants to join and become a member of the team. Just send me an email (lordnazh @ and we'll see what we got [male, female doesn't matter].


EvilMidniteBombr said...

I can't believe that you think we only made that post just to post that picture. I must say that I am deeply wounded. Ok, it was MOSTLY just to post that pic, but we wanted to lift your spirits too.

As to what you call the page. Dude, you pay the bills for the site. You have the right to call it whatever you want. It never bothered me that your name was there.

President candidate? I'm probably going to support Hillary. Ok, not really. Man, it was hard just to type that. I feel so dirty.

I haven't made up my mind as of yet. I thinking Romney, Thompson, Hunter or Giuliani. But to be honest, I haven't paid a damn bit of attention to the debates. Now that Thompson is in, I will start watching more. I am leaning to Hunter or Thompson. I really like Hunter's stance on illegal immigration, guns, and terrorism. But I'm afraid he's too far behind to be a contender. I think Thompson has the charisma to voice his agenda and argue his policies. Something that Bush has completely sucked at. Giuliani has just got too many skeletons and I really am not at all wild about his stance on the 2nd Ammendment.

As far as I am concerned, put the Fred '08 link back up. Like I said. It's your site and you pay the bills.

James Shott said...

Sounds like a challenging couple of days. I know absolutely nothing about fighting fire.

I didn't quite understand why if you put out the fire first (on the 2nd floor) victims will be dead. Is it because of the time involved in putting it out?

Glad you are back.

Lord Nazh said...

EMB: heh, I don't want it to be MY page, I want it to be The Daily Ramble, I envision lots of bloggers on here one day (with a new setup and all then), I will be putting the donate link back up when the bills are due :)

JS: If you put out the fire first, the steam created will kill any victims, thats why search and rescue is always first (unless you know the victim is already dead)

jmb said...

Interesting post. It must be difficult when this is not your usual job but in an event you must act as if you do it every day, with everything second nature.

Lord Nazh said...

jmb: it does make fighting fires difficult if you don't 'practice'. I have no problem with figthing fires, heck that'll come to anyone in time of need, I have a problem wearing the breathing apparatus (SCBA) :)

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Good blog, good to see you back again

Ms Smack said...

Glad you're safe. fighting those fires is still scary you know, training or not.

Feel free to email any gritty, grimy photos of you in your fire-man outfit.

Crushed said...

Well, I'm pro-life, as a Catholic who has experienced losing a child this way, but hardly conservative...

Lord Nazh said...

Miss: no photos alas :( (no camera)

CBI: email me if you really want to join and we can discuss it; since you have your own blog, I'd need to know why :)

You being anti-conservative would be a major obstacle, but you never know what we can hash out

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Gosh, weren't you scared? I suppose you can't think about that. Decidind whether to move is always stressful and I feel for you in that.


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying