Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jihadi's, Iraq and Terror

Seems Drudge (as always) has the good stories tonight.

Dhimmikrauts and the MSM continually harp on 'the Iraqi war caused terrorism' that we see today. Never mind the fact that more terror strikes occured against the U.S. before the Iraqi war started than since.

The NYTimes parroted the recent U.S. Intelligence report stating that, indeed, the Iraqi war caused jihadis and terror to multiply (as a direct result). Nevermind that they only used part of the story to base their article on (it is the NYT, they do not believe anything has to be true to be news), just think of the fact that ANY act by the U.S. will be guaranteed to increase jihadis and terror except surrender. That is the only guaranteed way of appeasing the Islamofacists (and most liberals) in this world.

I used to speak of moderate and extremist moslems, this I will no longer do. I don't think I should label anyone in Islam extremist until someone can show me a moderate moslem. As long as the 'silent majority' stays silent, they condone by inaction the terrorist views of the 'fringe' that the MSM keeps harping on.


Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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