Saturday, September 23, 2006

9/11 Memorial

I thought this was old news.. but Ace is running with it (seems a new article) so I'll post it.

Sept. 11 inscriptions spark outrage
By Beth Lucas, Tribune
September 23, 2006
Inscriptions etched into Arizona’s Sept. 11 monument — meant to inspire and capture the horror of the terrorist attacks — sparked the beginnings of a political blog battle this week.

Great quote here from someone you'd think would know better (well maybe she's a dhimmi)
Tempe resident Donna Bird, whose husband Gary was killed in the attack, was among the 30-member Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission created by former Gov. Jane Hull in 2002.

She said all the inscriptions were found factual by an Arizona State University history professor.[emp. mine] She added that she wouldn’t have helped design the memorial, which names her husband, if it were political.[again me]

I'm sure the good ole prof did alot of research on these quotes... and it's not 'political'.

Read the whole thing.

Reason amongst the Dhimmikrauts

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