Thursday, September 4, 2014

College Football

20-2(.909) on the Top 25 and 9-2(.818) on the SEC last week (who knew Vandy would be .. well Vandy heh). With Texas A&M rolling SC, I had no chance of a perfect week. Meh

New picks this week and I'll get to watch exactly none of it :(  We're going camping this weekend at Indian Boundary (Lindz and her fam are up from Cali) so I'll be cheering without knowing what's up :)

1]   Florida State (how?) will wreck The Citadel ... FSU by 58
2]   Alabama (defense needs work) will beat FAU by 48 (unless they decide to run up the score heh)
3]   Oregon at home against 7] Michigan State
      Classic offense (O) versus defense (MSU), if this was at State I may take them for the win, but I think their defense (while top-notch) will not be able to hold the Ducks for 4 full quarters. Oregon by 12
4]   Oklahoma is at Tulsa (o.O) but Tulsa is awful and Ok will be getting ready for a visit from re-vitalized UT next week. Won't matter though, Sooners by 40
5]   Auburn steps out and takes on San Jose State ... Tigers by 40
8]   Ohio State welcomes Virginia Tech; the Buckeyes lost their Heismann hopeful QB for the year and played a weak game against Navy; VT has been bad for awhile but their D is once again on track to be awesome.  I think VT gets it done and a little ACC pride comes through; Hokies by 1
9]   Texas A&M beats Lamar by 50
10] Baylor beats NW State by 60
11] UCLA at home against Memphis; the Bruins offense struggled last week (vs Virginia) but Memphis doesn't have the manpower to stop the Hundley offense. UCLA by 24
12] LSU beats Sam Houston State by 34
13] Stanford hosts 14] USC; should be a great game, can the Trojans handle the methodical offense of the Cardinal? I think not, Stanford by 4
15] Ole Miss at Vandy; after last week, UM by 15
16] Notre Dame hosts Michigan for the final time (for now); Both looked good last week against a pair of nobodies and the winner of this will be assumed by ESPN to be one of the top teams in the country. ND squeaks by on a late FG; ND by 2
17] Arizona State at New Mexico; Can the Sun Devils stop the Lobos rushing attack? (410 yards last week); I think not, but NM won't stop the offense of State either; ASU by 12
18] Wisconsin hosts Western Illinois; after losing a 17 point lead to LSU; the Badgers to win by 50
19] Nebraska by 50 over McNeese State
20] Kansas State at Iowa State (where ND state [FCS] won by 20); KState by 32
21] South Carolina will take out it's A&M frustration on East Carolina; Gamecocks by 27
21] North Carolina (neat tie there) looks to get better against a better foe; after barely beating Liberty (?!?) they host San Diego State; the Aztecs are usually good, although they've fallen a lot in recent years and won't have enough to stop the Tarheels in this one. NC by 15
23] Clemson gets over the loss to Georgia by beating South Carolina State by 50
24] Missouri hosts a dangerous Toledo team; UM wins, close (by 4)
25] Louisville over Murray State by 46

Tennessee goes to 2-0 by destroying Arkansas State by 28
Mississippi State keeps rolling, beats UAB by 30
Kentucky goes to 2-0 (wow) by beating Ohio by 5
Florida finally gets to end their 7-game losing streak. UF beats Eastern Michigan by 32
Arkansas runs (and runs and runs) over Nicholls State by 50

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