Thursday, November 6, 2014

College Football

In California visiting the oldest so not much time to do this.

10-5 T25 last week (137-36 overall) and 5-2 SEC (67-15 overall)

Winners first like last week

1]   Mississippi State over UT Martin
2]   Florida State over Virginia
3]   Auburn over Texas A&M
17] Utah over 4] Oregon
16] LSU over 5] Alabama
6]   TCU over 7] Kansas State
8]   Michigan State over 14] Ohio State
9]   Arizona State over 10] Notre Dame
11] Ole Miss over Presbyterian
15] Oklahoma over 12] Baylor
18] UCLA over Washington
19] Arizona over Colorado
20] Georgia over Kentucky
21] Clemson over Wake Forest
22] Duke over Syracuse
23] West Virginia over Texas
24] Georgia Tech over NC State
25] Wisconsin over Purdue

Florida over Vanderbilt

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