Sunday, September 18, 2016

College Football Results

Rough week for me in the SEC, went 6-3 with losers on the Ole Miss-Bama game (great game), South Carolina pulling out a win over East and Vandy not showing up after the first quarter against Georgia Tech.

(ATS picks  SEC: 5-5 [based on my score pick versus the actual line] Top 25: 11-6-2)
From 19-6 to 25-9 in the SEC.

Much better in the Top 25 picks (some overlap as the SEC is well represent in the T25).

I picked the Louisville win over FSU, correctly thought that Texas and Notre Dame were both over rated based on their double overtime game against each other and had the Buckeyes beating up on Stoops and the Sooners.  Big miss on the Miami versus App State game, but who knew Miami would gel?

Overall in the Top 25 I was 16 and 3, so a very good week on the picks.

One note: Talking to Colbie Friday about the Iowa and North Dakota State game (ND is a FCS school that makes a habit of beating FBS teams); I had the game as Iowa winning 21-20 on a missed field goal at the end by the Bison. It went exactly as I called, except the kick was good (23-21 ND) so missed it by that much :)

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