Friday, September 16, 2016

College Football - Week 3

Time for college football picks (will be starting fresh with Top 25 picks and going to week 3 of the SEC, my first 2 weeks didn't get published, so you'll have to just trust me;))

SEC first: [19-6 overall so far]

#15 Tennessee hosts Ohio; UT looked good in the 2nd half last week against an overmatched Virginia Tech squad and it's the defense that's doing the deed. Ohio averages 500 or so yards on offense so they can move the ball and score. Look for that total to be cut in half; UT 49 - Ohio 21

Vanderbilt is at Georgia Tech: Vandy got off the snide last week with an impressive (for them) run over Middle Tennessee. GT is looking rather average for a triple-option offense and that could be the difference. Vandy runs and GT doesn't: Vandy 17 - GT 13

#1 Alabama at #19 Ole Miss: Rebs have won 2 in a row against Bama and are at home with a prolific offense and 'stout' defense. Alabama is rolling but has a freshman QB taking his first start on the road. Unless the Crimson Tide gets up by a couple scores in the 1st half, Mississippi can win this. And they will, dethroning the #1 team and 'shocking' the football landscape. Miss 24 - Ala 23

East Carolina travels to South Carolina: SC came back to beat Vandy then laid an egg against Mississippi State last week; EC brings it.  EC 28 - SC 24

New Mexico St at Kentucky: Ky was supposed to turn the corner this year; game 1 they were up 25 and cruising ... loss. Game 2 (against Florida) they lost 45-7 in a game that wasn't as close as the score (heh and for the 30th straight time). This week they look to pick on the little people and get a W. KY 44 - NMSU 28

Miss St at #20 LSU: Mississippi State looked lost against South Alabama(?!?) and looked found against a bad South Carolina squad. LSU looked normal (no qb) against a good Wisconsin team (in Green Bay) and then found a QB in a ho-hum win over Jacksonville State. If Fournette is healthy (and reports are he is) then this game will be close till the 4th. Too much #7 at the end. LSU 35 - MSU 21

 North Texas at #23 Florida: warm-up game. Florida found it last week, rolls this. Fla 52 - NT 10 Texas State at #24 Arkansas: warm-up game. Ark upset TCU now feasts on the little kids. Ark 50 - TSU 3

 #16 Georgia at Missouri; both offense are looking better (not good) and Georgia needed help to outlast Nichols (?!?) last week. This would be the perfect time for Mizzou to make a comeback. But they won't.  UGA 20 - Mizzou 19

Top 25 (non-SEC): Take the Houston win but didn't realize it was on last night so no pick

#2 Florida State at #10 Louisville: UL 35 - FSU 29
#3 Ohio State at #14 Oklahoma: OSU 28 - OK 14
Colorado at #4 Michigan: UM 32 - CU 10
S Carolina St at #5 Clemson: zzz Clem 66 - SC State 10
USC at #7 Stanford: Trees 21 - Condoms 14
Portland State at #8 Washington - zzz UW 50 - Port 24
Georgia State at #9 Wisconson - zzz Sconsin 44 - GSU 16
#11 Texas at California: Cal 38 - Tex 35
#12 Michigan State at #18 Notre Dame: Sparty 21 - Dome 20
North Dakota St at #13 Iowa: Iowa 21 - NDst 20
#21 Baylor at Rice: Sex Assault U 50 - minutes 14
#22 Oregon at Nebraska: Last Century 28 - Last Decade 21  
#25 Miami at(?) App State: UPSET App State 23 - Miami 20

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Anonymous said...

Very accurate pics in my book. Alabama has a chance if they score early and find the end zone before half time. GT has a chance if they can get the option going quickly but that's a big "if". Tennessee should have it easy, and it would be good for them to mix up the offense and try to get some ground game established. UT has a for sure win if they can keep Ohio in check and not have another 500 yard game, all they have to do is play like they did VT (if not better) and it's gonna be like practice. I'm looking for some upsets this week however with Oklahoma taking Ohio state and app state taking Miami. Overall its gonna be a good week with some crazy games going on that will effect the CFP polls early on. One thing is for sure, that college football is sometimes unpredictable and I'm looking forward to this weekend's match ups
Your stepson, Colbie


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying