Thursday, January 11, 2007

Judgement in terror

Slow day for me, worked off midnights last night and slept alot today. Then I had to do some family business and watched a movie. So I thought I'd post a little snippet and probably head off to bed.

News | 12.01.2007 | 02:00

Lebanese face life for German bomb plot

A judge in a Beirut court has laid charges against six Lebanese men in connection with attempts to blow up two German trains last summer. The judge recommended life sentences with hard labour for all six suspects, five of which are in Lebanese custody. The other suspect, who is in German custody, is to be tried in absentia. Under Lebanese law, the accused can not be extradited to be put on trial in Germany. The charges stem from the discovery of home-made bombs placed on two trains in the western-German state of North-Rhine Westphalia last July. Both were defective and failed to go off.(link)

Justice is a fickle thing, but at least someone has the insight to enact HARSH penalties for terrorism (unlike the 15 years the last newsmonger got).

It's also nice to see Lebanese courts still hold to law instead of hizballah.
Reason to incarcerate

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