Friday, January 12, 2007

Life and terrorism

I seem to have some very serious MAJOR personal issues going on right now, so my posting will necessarily slow down. Hopefully Thai or EMB can jump in and fill-in for me.

I will still be posting, but it may (and probably will) drop to 1 - 2 items a day, everyday for a good while. For those that know me personally, send an email and we'll discuss it, I am not going to air dirty laundry or personal issues (such as this) over the 'net at least until the conclusion of such.

Rocket attacks and 'cease-fires':(link)

Jan. 12, 2007 16:38 | Updated Jan. 12, 2007 18:04
Four Kassams hit W. Negev; IDF troops find two bombs

Kassam rockets were fired at Friday from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel, as IDF troops operating in Gaza and the West Bank discovered and safely detonated two bombs.

Four Kassams landed in the western Negev on Friday afternoon. No one was wounded and no damage resulted from any of the hits.

An police sapper carries the remains of a rocket that landed in a field near Sderot, despite a declaration of a cease-fire.
Photo: AP
Notice the caption on the A(w/t)P photo? When will it occur to them that a 'cease-fire' by terrorist organizations is meaningless? What will the headlines be when/if Israel retaliates to these attacks? I'll bet that the press will brand Israel the aggressor for violating the cease-fire hehTM

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