Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Liberal Ass of All-Time award

There's been alot of posts lately about the worst liberal of '06 (and worst dressed, worst conservative, worst etc.); but this clown takes the prize for all-time worst. His name is John Seery and he is a regular poster at the Huffington Post (or Puffington Host as it is called on the right).

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Predict the Number of Troops Killed in the Next Year! (13 comments )

READ MORE: United States, Iraq

How many U.S. troops will be killed in Iraq in the next year?

Submit your best estimate here.

The Bush administration won't dare go public with such hard and somber calculations about expected casualties--which would help weigh the costs of this renewed war effort. So I figure conscientious HuffPo readers will step into that breach.

I'll keep track--our memories are long--and we'll notify the "winner" one year from today.

I'm not sure, however, what you'll win, or even if you could call it a victory. But Americans like to play to win, we've been told. And it doesn't take much of a sacrifice to ponder the possibility of someone else's death.

Not even the commenters at HuffPo like this one. Shows just how crass you can be if the left doesn't like your idea. People wonder exactly why people on the right call them unpatriotic and claim they want the U.S. to lose (in anything), yet the put out junk like this.
Reason seems to be missing
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