Monday, January 20, 2020

Wellness Journey

So, a big part of the start of anyone's journey with Plexus, we are asked our why... mine has nothing to do with any type of financial growth, yes that will be a welcomed benefit,  but my why.... so I am sure MANY of us can relate... you keep a crazy, hectic schedule, have insomnia or high stress, maybe both. Maybe you find yourself with an injury that has you slowed down and in pain so you just sit, as you recover you lose muscle, energy and maybe gain unhealthy weight.  Maybe you suffer from multiple autoimmune diseases  and every medication you try has worse side effects than the conditions you are trying to help so you only take them out of desperation. 
I am in part, every single one of those I listed. As I write this, I have yet to sleep & will likely be frustrated & angry at myself when I finally doze off only to wake up at 3 in the afternoon and the day is gone. Yes I work nights but those weeks I take a break I never can sleep normal. So when I am desperate to be able to spend time with hubby when he is off or family and friends, or when I am traveling, which I do.. A LOT!  I reach for 5 hour energies by the 10 pack, Red Bull, anything I can especially while driving... NONE of this is good for anyone, muchless someone with issues with anxiety,  insomnia, and chronic pain, migraines, general everyday Blahs that can turn into a depression FAST. I am not expecting Plexus to be my 1 size fits all miracle. I also know I will be making small adjustments and changes as needed to get the results I want. I also take comfort in knowing I did my due diligence and researched, was given the green light by my medical team .  My biggest WHY... for ME!. I will be happy to share any information or experiences with anyone wanting to hear or willing to listen. As my journey continues and you see the results I am confident are headed my way please feel free to reach out to me.  We are no longer just the "pink drink people" don't get me wrong, it tastes amazing! But if you are one who relies on any type of meal replacement shakes, smoothies, or other concoctions Lean is perfect! And coming from a very picky palate, I am in LOVE with the Lean Whey Chocolate already. 

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