Monday, October 8, 2018

We Had the Times of Our Lives

There are times I find myself lost. Stuck in a moment of almost sadness.
  It happens every year, at least twice a year. I get this overwhelming sea of emotion, partly remembering the wonderful memories .
   During the transition into fall, it is the feeling of loss of the summer and how much I love the long summer days, family moments to treasure, and all the happy moments.
   The next time of year it always hits is right after the holidays. The family time spent together celebrating and just the feelings of love and thankfulness. This time of being grateful and thankful just makes it special.
   I feel myself getting this sadness again. I try to spend more time writing and journaling, and talking to others for support. I have learned in the past if I don't take time to give my feelings and emotions much needed attention, I can get even worse and depression creeps in making things so much worse. So I am working on it, opening up a little more, finding outlets to help me work through the motions.

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