Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Where is Grace and who is that in the mirror?

  I used to love selfies. They were such a nice reminder of good days. Now the days are more leveled out, not full of highs/lows, just moderate happy days. I have noticed I have become far more critical of my looks. I have never been one to stare in a mirror, I just have my routine. I pull an outfit, slap on moisturizer and make-up, scrunch my hair a bit, and go. 
   Lately, I have noticed quite a few more wrinkles and age spots, but what has hit me the most is the sadness I feel when I look in the mirror. So I have been wrestling with how we are supposed to "grow old gracefully". I mean the alternative is not something I would want either, and why does it even matter to me? The important people in my life, my family and close friends see this face every single day and they still love me. I think it goes a little deeper for me. I think at times I claim I am happy, for the most part, I am, but there is something deeply personal wrong... insecurity.

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