Thursday, September 20, 2018

The struggle is REAL. Girl, Wash Your Face reading.

So, I gave into all the attention this book has been getting and bought the Kindle version. I will be sharing my thoughts as I read it and hope some of you will join me and share what your taking from the book. I am excited to start this journey....

Just a note* I am not familiar with this author. She blogs as well and has various lifestyle endeavors. I will be checking her stuff out since reading her book has peaked my interest.

Girl, Wash Your Face. Stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be. 
          Rachel Hollis

So chapter 1 "Something Else Will Make Me Happy"

Note 1
"I am not a perfect wife, not a perfect mother, not a perfect friend or boss, and most definitely not a perfect Christian. Not. Even. Close. I’m not perfect at anything I do—well, except for making and eating dishes that are primarily cheese-based—but the other stuff, the life stuff? Oh girl, I’m struggling."

Who of us hasn't felt like we are struggling? I mean so many of us post all the great, happy moments on social media, but how many KNOW they are truly struggling behond those "happy" posts? Social media has been amazing! We can keep up with family and friends, make new friends, and share our lives together. But the fear of not having it together or some negative Nelly making judgy and mean spirited comments. Yeah, it is like high school again on some pages. The mom shaming I think gets me the most. Many of you may know that my precious grandson has been dealing with,a sensory disorder, speech issues, and communication frustrations can create enormous meltdowns. Watching your own child struggle with a child of her own having illness or something going wrong, well there just are NO parenting books for that. I struggle with this daily. Time to remember we are just not perfect.

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