Saturday, March 31, 2018

A GiGi's rant

As a GiGi to a child that has his own wonderfully unique challenges I can say I am disappointed. I'm disappointed at how people react seeing a child obviously under the age of 4 having a "meltdown" or happily squealing through Wal-Mart.  I never realized just how bad things as a society had gotten until recently. No mother should have anxiety about taking her kids into a place like Kroger or Wal-Mart. It isn't like we were in some 5 star restaurant.  These kids will never get to learn the proper behaviors and coping skills if their mom's are too embarrassed or stressed to take them in public because some judgemental person will stop and stare or worse, make rude comments. Let me tell you, my boys only challenge was hearing the word NO and we had our share of meltdowns and never once did I feel judged. I had other mothers support and kindness 96% of the time. With the climbing Autistic numbers people need to educate themselves about autism. It isn't just some issue to wear a cute shirt and talk about how you know someone who has a child with autism... I once never knew the challenges that families face with Autism, it isn't just me that needs to learn and accept the reality, I will only be able to take in those judgey stares and rude comments so long. For now, I will be that crazy woman singing and acting like a Choo Choo train through the frozen foods aisle. Why? Because for a split second I see my grandsons eyes light up and we connect for a brief moment. For those of us who have never been touched by austism, that is a moment we ALL have taken for granted.  (*disclaimer* my grandson is not yet 3 and all of the specialists, along with his parents are still giving him time to catch up. The hope is we are just dealing with a sensory processing disorder. Regardless of what name the Drs give it, it is still a chalenge and should be OKAY for a 2 year old to act like a 2 year old in public. PERIOD. You and I never know what a family is going through when we have a brief encounter with them. I for one, know I have learned to be more open minded and remember what having 3 babies under 4 in public used to be like.)

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