Friday, March 4, 2016

Yes, I was a meanie head and I'm sorry

So last week I owed my hubby a big, humble, apology... I had only slept a little over an hour the night before (no excuse), then dealt with having the alarm installer here most all day up until time to pick up the teenager from school, only to have to go back to the cable company to switch out a box and question our bill, to come home and it felt like everything was going wrong...
  The alarm camera wasn't working. Then, I couldn't do my hair like I wanted and just did my whole head purple. Spending over an hour trying to get my hair to rinse clean, then washing it and hoping to pull some of the darkness out. As if I didn't have enough, I started in with a horrible toothache which was throbbing.
While I was fighting the urge to freak out over my hair, hubby just kept telling me "it actually looks pretty good, he likes it and when I'm all nicely tan, it will look even better." So then I calmed somewhat and tried to eat, BIG mistake! It made said toothache MUCH worse. So then my loving and amazing hubby started talking to me about the alarm camera and I growled so hateful at him and was taking my cranky, bad day out on him. Amazingly he still helped my hateful, cranky self figure out what was going on and we got the camera back working.  So finally after a long week at work, he finally gets on Xbox and then I have a printer malfunction and was on the verge of a meltdown, so he stopped his game and spent over 30 minutes fixing it... Later, in the still of The night my mind was going over the events of the day and I was racked with guilt for being such a cranky pants, meanie head to my caring, compassionate, and loving hubby... I owe him his favorite dinner or maybe we can have a lunch date. Just the two of us... Or maybe an even bigger gesture, let him go ahead and send his car to be painted.  Heh...

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Lord Nazh said...

Paint would look good :)


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying