Sunday, October 13, 2013

The NFL first report card

We are now going into week 6 of the NFL season, and most of our kids get progress report/report cards at that time, so lets take stock of where the NFL is shall we?

To the person who went to Las Vegas and placed a bet for the NFC South to be a total dumpster fire, step up and collect your money..

The New Orleans Saints were expected to come out with a chip on their shoulder..and they have done so with a 5-0 record going into their week 6 contest with the Patriots, but the rest of the divison have 2 total wins? I didn't see that coming.

Nor did I see the New York Jets having a better record than the New York Giants. Geno Smith has outplayed Eli Manning, a feat I would have said was impossible. One could argue that Rex Ryan has outcoached Tom Coughlin, and thats in and of itself saying something.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0, yep, Eagle fan was right....That Andy Reid guy was a bum and couldn't coach football.

The Denver Broncos are undefeated as well, but its the way they have done it that has surprised me, the defense is not nearly as solid as I would have thought on paper, so Peyton Manning is just outscoring the this the season where we have a serious discussion that Manning is the best to ever play the position? He has as many rings as Favre and will have more yards and touchdowns as Marino. Side note: The Denver Broncos average scoring 46 points a game, A GAME!!!!! The Tampa Bay Bucs have scored 44, ALL SEASON!!!!!! (through their 4 games)

There is not one team in the NFC East with a winning record....can we please stop with the love fest that is "look how tough the NFC East is?" just go win games, then we can talk.

Don't look now, but the NFC North could be the toughest and most fun division of the NFL to watch the rest of the way. The NFL is a Quarterback league, and this division has 3 really good ones, and a 4th could emerge with Josh Freeman now with the Vikings

Those are my thoughts on the NFL Season that is going into its 6th Sunday of action. I hope your team hasn't totally imploded yet, because my Tampa Bay Bucs certainly have. Good luck to you and "your team" 

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 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying