Thursday, October 10, 2013

Football Picks

6-1 last week (Mizzou, really?) for a 46-11 (80.7%) season record. I wish I had ended the week at 5-2 and UT could have pulled off the upset, but they played hard and fought til the end. They'll take one next week.

UT is off this week.

#25 Missouri at #7 Georgia; easy pick, until half of UGA's offense got hurt, now not so much. I think Andy Murray is still too good to lose at home though. UGA 41-38

#14 South Carolina at Arkansas; Ark couldn't handle 'new' qb Murphy and Florida last week; this week they face a better offense but not the same defense. This game will be a nail-biter with the final horn sounding on a USC 21-20 win

Western Carolina at Auburn; time to showcase the offense (and get the QB well) and play some 4th stringers; AU 42-10

#17 Florida at #10 LSU; if this were in the swamp, I'd say the gators could hold on. In Death Valley, I don't see that happening. Even though UF's defense is #2 and playing with a lot of confidence, I don't think they can stop Mettenburger and the LSU offense at home. LSU 28-24

#1 Alabama at Kentucky; UK played well in the 4th last week and showed fight and a willingness to play to the end. Maybe they'll be able to say that this week; UA 45-13

Bowling Green at Mississippi State; State needs a win bad and usually playing a MAC team is a guaranteed W; I'm not so sure this week. BG is playing very well and State has issues. BG with the major upset and the win; 29-20

#9 Texas A&M at Ole Miss: Mississippi needs a win almost as bad as their State brethren; they've dropped 2 in a row after an 3-0 start and at least last week they looked competitive; this week they play Manziel and the pinball offense though and that means doom.  Even at home, UM can't hold and drops this one to the Aggies - 49-20

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