Wednesday, March 19, 2008

GB Internet Gun Dealer Partners With Students


Eric Thompson, president of the Web-based firearms and sporting goods dealer that sold firearms and accessories to the shooters in the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University massacres,
Cheap shot. Right up at the top, first sentence, of the story. Liberal bais? (EMB)
Next month Thompson and TGSCOM, Inc,... will partner with the 22,000 member Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) organization by supplying holsters for the organization’s second annual empty-holster protest.
SCCC, founded in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, and Thompson share the same mission – to allow licensed individuals to carry concealed firearms on campuses for self-defense.

In April, thousands of students from across the country will wear empty holsters to their classes in protest of laws and school policies that do not allow licensed and trained individuals to carry a firearm in supposed “gun-free zones” on campuses. The protest will be staged the week after the one year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings.
I doubt the uppity Libs that run these college campi are listening to THE PEOPLE THAT PAY THEIR SALARIES. But clearly many students do not feel that these colleges are doing enough to make things safe for them on campus. Unless they plan on posting armed security in every class room on campus, there is no way that a college can guarantee the safety of their students from a person with murderous intent. And putting up gun free zone signs are nothing more than saying "Hey, you'll be able to pop a dozen people, have time to reload, and drop several more before you even have to worry about someone trying to stop you." State legislatures and college campi need to get rid of this gun free zone = safety mentality.

Before you say, more guns are never the answer. Ask yourself this... How many times have you heard of a gun store being the victim of an armed robbery? How many shooting sprees happen at gun shows? When was the last mass murder that happened during an NRA meeting? I didn't think so.

When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away.

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