Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hillary's papers came out. They show tons of experience to be a first lady... too bad that's not what she's running for eh?

WASHINGTON - Hillary Rodham Clinton kept her schedule packed when allegations exploded that her husband had an affair with an intern, according to papers released Wednesday that show her daily activities as first lady, her travels abroad and the legal woes that dogged the Clintons in the White House.

The private crisis came at the most public of times for the wife who initially believed her husband's protestations of innocence, before his story crumbled.

She had speeches scheduled, at home and abroad. She appeared by Bill Clinton's side at an education event where he angrily dismissed the reports of his womanizing. And if that were not enough, there was his State of the Union address.

I'm sure someone will peruse the papers more fully and find something in them, in which case I'll blog about that later.

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