Sunday, March 16, 2008


Live in Canada and need help getting your prescription drugs? Try AdvCare, fast and friendly website that can help streamline the process of getting drugs*. With a virtual pharmacy online and tools for patients as well as Doctors, Advcare is virtually a Canadian pharmacy online.

The website has places for OTC drugs, pricing, services and offers to bill your insurer in you have a Canadian drug plan. They offer frequent shopper discounts, drug interaction checks and promises to keep track of all drugs per customer.

The service is private and secure and backed by IBM e-business. Delivery is given to any address and no shipping is charged for orders over $50. AdvCare accepts all major credit cards, e-cheques and international money orders and will emergency ship in Canada (24-48 hours).

For the easiest and fastest way to get drugs in Canada, goto AdvCare and check them out before you go anywhere else.

*Of course you can register and use the services if you don't live in Canada also, but the website is ideally suited to Canadian patients needing Canadian drugs.

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