Monday, March 17, 2008

330 MPG!!

Reading up on the Aptera and I like it. According to the website the car will be limited to Cali residents for awhile before (hopefully) being offered nationally and internationally. While I don't think that's fair, I can live with it if it does finally make it to here (I need a good mpg car for work).

The car is designed to go 85-95 mph tops (because of the lightweight) and will be a hybrid or pure electric. Three wheels and classified as a motorcycle (up goes the insurance) it's made out of composites and has some designs that are used for race cars to help with roll-over potential.

Read the article and see what the future may look like :)

Of course it will take quite awhile for the Aptera to make it to backwoods Alabama, so I'll have to look elsewhere. I used to own a Mazda 3 and loved that little car, so I may go back that way; or heck I could even look into a mini van (they are getting better looking). Mustang is still my favorite car, but they seemed to want to price them out of my league all of a sudden (heh).

The best looking 'luxury' car that I could afford would have to be a Nissan Altima and even that is pushing my finances. But the cars are sweet looking, drive great (friend has one) and need little upkeep.

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