Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I ran into a socialist today... they should really wear signs.

Here is what happened...

TV: so and so wants to hurt he corporations (oil) by taxing them more...

Me: That's just stupid, who do they think will end up paying for that?

Unknown guy: What do you mean stupid? It's not right that the company milks us poor people for billions when energy is so high...

Me: I agree that things may not seem 'right', but my point was that companies do not pay taxes..

Him: Wait a minute, you think they don't pay taxes? Are you an idiot??

Me: You misunderstood my point, they pay taxes, then raise prices so we pay the taxes for them. So if you raise their taxes, they simply raise prices, see?

Him: Ok, I can kind of see that point, but something has to be done about the huge profit they are making...

Me: What's the point of business? Why do they exist?

Him: For the good of the people (yes I should have walked away right then)...

Me: What? You believe that? You don't think that maybe they exist to make money?

Him: Only right-wingers think that! (admittedly said with a smile)

Me: ok, take 2 businesses: 1 is a doctor's office (for the good of the people) and the other is a strip joint (that most people will say is not for the good of the people, heh)

Him: (warily) ok, and?

Me: Which one folds first? The doctor's office making no profit, but doing lots of good or the strip joint rolling in dough and no helping anyone?


... ....

Facist! (walks away)

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