Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tiger roared through the field at Torrey Pines in what will have to be termed 'scary' ease by his would-be competitors.
LA JOLLA, Calif. -- Unlike the Southern California weather prognosticators, Tiger Woods was on target all week at the Buick Invitational.

The doom and gloom predictions had Torrey Pines a saturated mess and the PGA Tour event's conclusion in doubt. But overnight rain turned out to be a mere nuisance, and although Woods did not stroll as much as slosh around the course Sunday, it was an easy victory, nonetheless.

An eight-shot lead at the start of the final round quickly turned into 11 before he settled for a final margin of eight, a result that appeared inevitable as early as Friday. The weekend left no suspense -- only worry about whether the storms that have been in the forecast every day would spoil an otherwise glorious day for Woods.

With a fourth straight victory at the Buick and third in a row on the PGA Tour dating to last year, all the offseason chatter about this having the potential to be a monster year for Woods takes on more validity.

After the opening day where he was in 3rd place, Tiger pretty much decided he was going to win and went out and did it. But that is how Tiger plays. He is (or will be) the best player to ever play the game of Golf.

That is what Tiger should be doing, winning golf tournaments. While everyone at ESPN cries and moans because he doesn't feel like they do on social issues (a woman was actually suspended and had to apologize because she said the word lynch); Tiger plays golf.
Woods also won his first tournament of the year after his name was at the center of controversy for three weeks after remarks by Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman that got her suspended and had commentators calling for him to take more of a stand on social issues.
Some at ESPN (on air) were calling the use of the word lynch (and a subsequent front page on Golf mag) equivalent to using terms about the holocaust to Jews. Of course, the 3400 or so black people (and roughly 1300 whites) that were lynched in the U.S. [source] are equal to the 6 million Jews that perished in WWII... keep telling yourself that.

The best and easiest way to defeat the 'rampant' racist stereotypes that seem to inhabit the minds of the TV world is by simply stop thinking the racist, stereotype thoughts that they seem to think everytime anything is said on the air. Much like Bill Clinton being talked about for using the term 'fairy tale' and it being racist (please, where in the world did that come from), racial issues would go further toward obscurity if thick-skin were more rampant.

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