Monday, January 28, 2008

Cyber Media Blitz

In the essential "Rise of the Vulcans" James Mann shares that the Great Satan's 30 year in the future Military was actually a crazy cool chaotic orderly march set in motion way back in the last millenium. Back in the day, when Ex Def Sec Donald Rumsfeld was Pres Ford's White House Chief of Staff he literally wore people out about a new magical future thinking missile. Way over the top, peers and subordinates joked about
"...sending Rumsfeld on a cruise..."
Still cruising in service to something larger than self, the Ex Sec is still at it, with an au currant demarche' that is totally in sync with the idea of constant confrontation and selective intervention. Since Great Satan cannot change what she is (and honestly would never want to) and since certain Axis', blocs, Caliphating fanboys, leagues, Presidents for Life and rocket rich rejects fear everything Great Satan is all about (and they honestly should) - all of these unfree regimes and their intolerant resistence movements, militias and bombsquads use their unfree state controlled media to diss Great Satan and her irresistable ideals.The ex Navy Fly guy and Regime Changer Rumsfeld is absolutely correct in his latest idea championship that it's time to put the 'world' in
"...America ain't what s wrong with the world..."
Essentially, since no one can defeat Great Satan on the Battlefied - and they all know it, perhaps it's time to pump up the volume in communications using every trick in the book to increase, maintain and crank down pressure on self imposed media that tends to glorify destructive penchants like
"... the fact that they blow up mosques, kill women and children and
publicly behead their foes..."
The outgoing #3 at State, R. Nicholaus Burns agrees and points out that would be easy to
"explain who we are and to show the goodness of America to the rest of theworld.
I mean, there are some countries where the state-controlled press
in authoritarian countries spew out lies about us; I mean, pictures of us that
you would not recognize."
No doubt! After all, certain blocs have a bizarro double standard like in Pakistan where it's ok for girls to learn to fly military jets but totally controversial for girls to drive cars in Saudi.

Totally flipping off any foreign concerns about Great Satan imposing alien ideas on hapless time traveling intolerants Ex Marine and supersmart guy Gary Anderson of GW University disses any reasoning of 'blowback' or publicising inner ethical wrestling matches

"A big part of the reason is that we spend too much time wanting to be
likedrather than turning Muslim anger on our enemies.
We preach some values that are viewed as alien and threatening to the traditional order of things. Our popular culture is seen as decadent at best and downright threatening at worst in traditional cultures.

We can't change what we are, nor would we want to. No matter how much the government may disapprove, the government's official propaganda will be overwhelmed by the deluge, both positive and negative, from the popular media. We need to accept this fact and move on, rather than waste more millions on strategic communications "charm campaigns."

Hitting them where it hurts, Ex Sec Rumsfeld is correct that Great Satan is irresistable and just like her ideals, a super cyber www all media campaign would include a
"21st-century agency for global communications, a valued tool to help tell the story of a nation that was carved from the wilderness and conceived
in freedom"
Not only that - Dr. Anderson insists on taking it a bit further - using the enemies own words against them is a battle of ideas that would a sure thing for sure.
"...collecting photos of the Muslim innocents al-Qaeda has killed and putting below them quotations from the Koran decrying such practices. These advertisements would appear in every newspaper and TV station in the
Muslimworld where I could buy print space or air time..."
In the New Millenium, Great Satan could checkmate old school, played rhetoric and put the "O!" in offensive cyber blitzes that would render any counter truly counter productive - winning friends and influencing people in a way that ye olde 'Hearts and Minds" campaign with it's find a friend frenzy that never really took off . Deploying everything from blogs, online dating social networks to old school radio and TV. Like the Ex Sec says
"Necessity is the mother of invention. And the necessity is there."
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