Saturday, July 21, 2007


Saturday is going to be link day: 3 links from each blogroll (2 links per blog)

A Conservatives's blog with Cash for Peerages, A private prosecution?
A View from the Right with What I feel as well...
A Young Conservative with Cameron's Got It Wrong

Fred Rolls:
TexasFred with A Dear Abby fan in Beaumont, TX…
Janne's Jabberwocky with Satirical Saturday - How to Drive in Florida
Hillbilly White Trash with Radical Islam Exposed, Part VII

Conservatives for Fred:
Moc's Blog with Vive Le Revolucion Conservateur?
ThompsonRally with Fear On The Other Side
Conservative Superiority with Executive Privilege Clinton vs. Bush

American Conservative:
The Minuteman with Sad But True
The Median Sib with New House Update
Blog @ with US, India, Claim Substantial Progress in Nuclear Talks

OneBigDog's Roll:
OneBigDog with Cows Cause Global Warming Even If We Eat Them? »
Reject the U.N. with United Nations Seals the Condemnation of Israel
Chicago Ray with More Jobs Americans Won't Do George?

Reject the U.N.:
Rhymes With Right with Legalize Hemp
Reformed Chicks Blabbing with A tale of two papers: Thompson's support among the conservatives
Bloviating Zeppelin with Decisions Made In A Vacuum - OR - Vacuous Decisons

Boycott Citgo:
Wake Up America with Democrats Strip John Doe Amendment from Homeland Security Bill
"7.62mm Justice" TM with Weekend Funny…
FREEDOM EDEN with Al Gore III: The VERY Inconvenient Truth

...Just Rambling... with Saying Good-bye To A Home
Count Ramblings with Apparently, Hillary Clinton has this war shit all figured out.
:: cykopath :: ramblings :: with New take on urinal games

There ya go, enjoy the ones you like and talk bad about the ones you don't :)
[some aren't updated but I can't make em write stuff]

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 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying