Sunday, July 22, 2007


Feingold must be drunk on his party's successes in Congress:
Sen. Feingold proposes censuring Bush
1 hour, 6 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Liberal Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold said Sunday he wants Congress to censure President Bush for his management of the Iraq war and his "assault" against the Constitution.

But Feingold's own party leader in the Senate showed little interest in the idea. An attempt in 2006 by Feingold to censure Bush over the warrantless spying program attracted only three co-sponsors.

Feingold, a prominent war critic, said he soon plans to offer two censure resolutions — measures that would amount to a formal condemnation of the Republican president. (link)

His last attempt wasn't too good and I wouldn't expect this one to garner much support either. But there is that 14% number to look at and many Democrats may try to use this to bolster their sinking 'mandate'.

With what the Democrats have (not) accomplished already, this bill fits right in with their agenda.

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