Thursday, June 14, 2007

Please kill this bill


Bush accelerates border security funds

By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent
7 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - President Bush called for $4.4 billion in accelerated funding for "securing our borders and enforcing our laws at the work site" Thursday, as his administration and key senators struggled to revive controversial immigration legislation.

"We're going to show the American people that the promises in this bill will be kept," Bush said, two days after launching a personal rescue mission.

The measure's most controversial feature envisions eventual citizenship for many of the estimated 12 million immigrants now in the country unlawfully. At the same time, it calls for greater border security and a crackdown on the hiring of illegal employees.

Bush made his remarks a few blocks from the Capitol, where the bill's supporters said they were closing in on a tentative agreement that could clear the way for the measure's revival within two weeks. (link)

Do W and the Democrats think that this will make the bill more palatable to the people? Why is it that we need 'emergency-type' funding to do what they SHOULD BE DOING ALREADY? Enforcing the border and the immigration laws have nothing to do with a NEW amnesty try. The laws are already on the books, it's almost like the anti-gun crowd has a hold of this one. If you simply write more laws, the problems will go away (ala gun laws) instead of enforcing the laws you have.

Some Senators are still skeptical (hopefully at least 41) enough that this won't push them over (they rightly ask why the spending is tied to this bad bill and not seperate), and the Democrats definitely want this bill passed before election season is truly in. With luck we can stall or kill this until a new president is sworn in. We know Fred won't sign this bill and probably not Rudy or maybe even Hillary (Obama would).

I just wonder why it is so hard for the pro-illegals to figure out why we are so adamant about enforcing the LAW... but might as well ask why they are tolerant of everything (that agrees with them) and have a love for Islam.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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