Friday, June 15, 2007

BlogPower Awards

Round-up of winners from the 1st anual BlogPower awards:
Best brit-blog: An Englishman's Castle
Best NA blog: Jon Swift (thanks for the votes for me and I'm disappointed not more people voted for Ruthie, she should have beat me and Jon imo)
Best blog or column outside the UK or US:
Sicily Scene
Best Fisker:
Mr Eugenides
Best Ranter:
Devil's Kitchen (make good soup too)
Best Political blog or column:
Bel is thinking
Best BlogPower Blog:
As a dodo (i didn't even get in)
Best Layout and Style:
Honeysmack (nsfw, but a good site)
Best Blog Name:
Shades of Grey
Best Little Blogger:
Sicily Scene (under 100 visists daily) [repeat winner]
Most Articulate Wordsmith:
Chipendale (for a small fee, he'll dance too)
Most Under-rated blog or column:
The Last Ditch
Most Over-rated blog or column:
Guido Fawkes (deserved award) heh
Most Politically Incorrect blog or column:
Theo Spark (should have won best 'layout' :)
Most Sadly Missed blog/column:
Cassilis/Liam Murray (missed them the first time...shouldn't they have had to run seperate?)
Most Consistently Entertaining blog or column:
Bryan Appleyard
Prettiest or Tastiest (food) blog or column:
Sicily Scene (hat-trick)
Award for Services to blogging:
James Higham (still waiting on my check)
Best Post of All Time:
Captain Smack Special Edition (should have been 'best post of last year')
Most Unintenional Humerous Post: UK News and Politics Immigrants (this category should have been scrapped, people voted for who they wanted to win, regardless of humor [intentional or not] of said post)

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