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THERE GOES SOCIAL SECURITY!!! or "Why I Might Be Voting For Myself in 2008" !!



The Senate reached a "compromise" on illegal immigration yesterday.

Let me re-phrase that for you...

The Senate Republicans got rolled by Teddy Kennedy and agreed to a bill granting AMNESTY to lawbreakers !!!

Read about it here;
The plan, which was still being finalized, allows the estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the United States to come forward and receive probationary status
So...people who are waiting in their home countries for YEARS...playing by the rules get shafted so the Senators can be seen as "doing something" on illegal immigration??? Senators, the only thing worse than doing nothing is doing something so mind-numblingly stupid and crafting a bill that effectively rewards law-breaking.

This bill is so eerily similar to the 1986 bill that it is scary...

Take a look at what Ed Meese (Reagan's Attorney General) has to say about the 1986 Amnesty Bill here;
President Reagan set out to correct the loss of control at our borders. Border security and enforcement of immigration laws would be greatly strengthened—in particular, through sanctions against employers who hired illegal immigrants. If jobs were the attraction for illegal immigrants, then cutting off that option was crucial.

He also agreed with the legislation in adjusting the status of immigrants—even if they had entered illegally—who were law-abiding long-term residents, many of whom had children in the United States. Illegal immigrants who could establish that they had resided in America continuously for five years would be granted temporary resident status, which could be upgraded to permanent residency after 18 months and, after another five years, to citizenship. It wasn’t automatic. They had to pay application fees, learn to speak English, understand American civics, pass a medical exam and register for military selective service. Those with convictions for a felony or three misdemeanors were ineligible.
So... how well did THAT turn out... I wonder ??? Anyone see any real ENFORCEMENT going on?? Anyone see the borders locked down and illegal immigrants numbers declining? Nope??!! Me either ...

I turns out that there is a huge long-term cost to this AMNESTY bill. It will strain our social services as the people who come herei llegally will be marginally employable and will not be a net-positive taxpayer. In other words, they will use up more resources than they contirbute. Now this is bad enough when it is home-grown people, but immigration is about controlling the flow of immigrants through our borders so that we are stronger..not weaker.

So with this drain on our local, state and federal coffers what do you think they governments are gonna do?? Either raise taxes or lower benefits on such things as Social Security. Being that I'm 38 years old...I'm SCREWED !! At least in terms of being able to enjoy the same level of Soc. Security benefits that the generations before me enjoyed. And until that time, my taxes are going to go up to pay for the welfare benefits of people that SHOULD NOT BE HERE !!! It is bad enough that the government is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Its even worse when he robs Peter to pay Paul and Jose' and Jesus and Carmen and Abdullah, etc...

Think I'm crazy? Then you outta take a look at the testimony of Robert Rector (Heritage Foundation) before the House Judiciary Committee;

Here is some of what he had to say;
The National Academy of Sciences in a very comprehensive study of the fiscal impact of immigration said that each high school dropout immigrant coming into the United States costs the taxpayers of the United States about $100,000 over the course of his lifetime. That would mean if you took that figure, and that's net of the taxes that he puts in, if you took that figure and applies it to the current illegal population it would indeed result in something like a net cost of a half a trillion dollars over the course of lifetime.

Now, with respect to the costs of the Senate bill, the Senate bill one of its key features is to give amnesty to around 10 million current illegal immigrants. That means that they will probably pay more in taxes, but it also means that they're eligible for a much wider variety of welfare programs. And as a result of that increased welfare eligibility, I calculate that the amnesty alone would have a direct cost of around $16 billion a year.
He goes on to explain other unexpected costs and his main zinger was this one;
We have a very expensive, very large welfare system in the United States. We simply cannot make it unconditionally available to huge numbers of people from less developed nations
You can read the other people's testimony as well and you'll find yourself asking the same question... who is gonna pay for all of this??

Especially when the bill allows so many "set asides" by any Administration so that even the $5000 fine can be waived. And you know it WILL be waived when Reid and Pelosi complain that making someone who makes $3/hour pay a $5000 fine is "heartless" and "cruel" and something only "despicable Republicans do". and then "poof" - there goes the fine.

Check out some blog reactions here;

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As does Michelle Malkin;

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Powerline doesn't like it;

Hugh Hewitt absolutely hates it like I do;

In short - we have another Harriet Myers situation here. It takes everyone calling their Representatives and Senators and letting them know that if they vote for this deal they are going to lose their next primary or general election. I have contacted Sen. Jon Kyl here: Contact

Sen. Kyl is the point man for those who want to keep this Amnesty from proceeding to the President's desk.

I told Sen Kyl that I would not support the Senate's Campaign Committee any longer if any GOP senator voted for that bill. Additionally, my money and support would instead go to the primary challenger of those Senators. I may not be one of their constituents and they may think they don't have to listen to me as I cannot vote for or against them. But I CAN help BANKROLL their opponent. Thats the beautiful thing about campaign contributions and the internet.

My next email is to my Senior Senator of Virginia John Warner-R. He is going to get the same message (along with the counterparts in the House).

I had been warming up to McCain due to his stance on the war and finishing the job, etc... Many others were too. He's finished now... you heard it here first. He will NOT get the Republican nomination for President in 2008.

I'm serious...I feel like Ronald Reagan did when he said that he didn't leave the Democrat Party - it left him (yes Reagan was an FDR Democrat at one time).

If the GOP keeps this charade (of acting like Democrats) up...on what basis do they have a right to come looking for our votes in 2008??

If they keep acting like de facto Democrats and letting Teddy roll them then I have no qualms with letting them lose big in 2008.

I'd rather get stabbed (with the proverbial knife) in my chest by the Dems than in the back by the Repubs.
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