Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gaza Terrorism Watch

Fighting continues in the 'cease-fire' of Gaza. More terrorists killed and even some rockets fired into Israel from some bored idiots who think the death toll isn't rising quite fast enough.

Hamas and Fatah are daily proving that they have no business running anything, from a government to a bakery. The people that live in the occupied palestinian territories would do much better to start applying for citizenship to the outlying countries. Not only are the two terrorist organizations killing each other during a 'cease-fire' (oxy-moron in palespeak) now they have decided that they need a new team in the fight.
The IDF had no immediate comment.

Everytime that Israel responds to the Kassams fired into Sderot or anywhere else, this needs to be their response. Nothing more needs to be said. Only idiots or terrorists supporters are still clueless to whom is at fault, it won't matter what Israel said, these people will continue to blame them, so why give them any sound bytes?

A Palestinian attempting to fire Kassam rockets from the northern Gaza border was shot and hit by IAF aircrafts late Thursday evening.

The strike was the fifth IAF operation in Gaza since Thursday morning.

Earlier Thursday seven Palestinians were killed as IAF aircrafts fired missiles at Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

In one of the airstrikes, three people were killed by an IAF missile fired at a vehicle in southern Gaza, Palestinian security officials reported. (link)

If you're keeping score at home so far it's civilization 1, terrorists 0 and not likely to change. It is beyond the pale that the West and most of the rest of the world still think these people deserve any concessions to statehood.

Egypt, Jordan and two other key US allies, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have been trying to convince the United States and Israel to accept an Arab peace initiative as a starting ground for relaunching peace negotiations. The deal offers full peace with all Arab nations if Israel withdraws from territories captured in the 1967 Six Day War and the creation of a Palestinian state.

Israel and the U.S. should tell the Arab world that they'll take 'full peace' at the current borders. Everyone with half a brain knows what happens when Israel withdraws from ANY land, there is no indication that this would be different. Full peace from the Arab world means little if the terrorists are simply going to keep firing on Israel. (link)

If they truly want peace in the Middle East, the world should turn a blind eye to Israeli defensive measures and declare the territory now owned by the palestinian-arabs a country. That way a true war can and would be waged. With any type of leader (not including Olmert) Israel could make peace in short order in that situation.

Until or unless people realize that you can't apologize for terrorists any more than you can rationalize for them, this 'peace' will continue unabated. The next time you hear of a 'cease-fire' or 'truce' in Gaza, laugh with the reporters, as they surely are.
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