Thursday, April 19, 2007


In the neverending saga that is the Middle East, we have yet another terrorist orginization that says it will NOT stop attacks on Israel, not unless they 'get something in return'.

Israel has been giving since the return of the Jews in 1948 and nothing has changed. Nothing will change today if Israel gives again. The Palestinian people will ultimately be the ones that (if ever) achieve peace. They will do this by renoucing terrorism and by finally not harboring the like any longer.

As long as Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and other 'political' groups are in play, the Middle East and specifically Israel will not know a moments peace. There will be pundits and arm-chair quaterbacks alike who will ask why? (The favorite question of a lefty) As, why do the palestinians hate Israel so much, why do they kill the innocent, why will Israel not talk, etc. The terrorists (just like the terrorists in Iraq, Africa, SE Asia and around the world) keep trying to tell everyone why they do things, what they are going to do and how, yet the left simply does not hear them and continues on their liberal agenda of mothering the world to death. The terrorists state explicitly that Israel must be wiped out, not that Israel must make peace, and that the Jews must be killed. Just as Al-Qaeda and others state that everyone will become a muslim or die, these messages are loud and clear, yet the left still does not hear.

What will it take for the left (and most of the international community) to finally wake up and hear the message? No one knows, it took World War II before people of that era finally realized that Hitler was serious when he talked of world domination. Maybe this time (of course history shows us that it won't happen) the left will wake up before the world goes off the precipe. For all the screams about the 'failed' Iraqi war; these pale in comparison to the silence on Dafur, Thailand, Europe and other 'hotspots' in the world where these animals have free reign with passive (if not active) help from the 'intelligent' peoples of the world.

Islamic Jihad denied reports Wednesday that it had agreed to halt rocket attacks on Israel.

Reports in some Arab newspapers claimed earlier that the Islamist organization had reached an agreement with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to stop the Kassam attacks.

This story is a small story to the world, but it tells many what they need to know about the intents and purposes of the terrorists of that area and not ONE prominent leftist will make a note of this (unless it is to call Israel to listen, as if they have not been listening to the Muslims since the 700's).

Sooner or later all the terrorist problems will indeed go away. But will it be because we (the free people of the world) have carried the day, or will it be because the left and the cowards of the world have finally had enough and caused the capitilation of civilization as we know it.

I can only hope for me and my family that when the time comes to surrender, we are no longer are part of this world. With the current crop of leaders and high-ranking dignitaries in the world, global warming will soon come to mean a new thing if they don't finally get their heads out of the sand and start asking Why? As in why aren't we doing something about this.
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