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Terrorism (deaux)

Fox news reports on new fighting in the West Bank between Israel and the Palestinians.
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Hamas militants called Sunday for a fresh wave of attacks against Israel after troops killed nine Palestinians in weekend fighting, straining a five-month-old cease-fire.

It's extremely hard to strain a cease-fire that has not stopped any fighting yet. Of course this has never stopped the terrorists of Palestine or the MSM from reporting it.
In response to the bloodshed, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' more moderate Fatah movement urged him to consider breaking off contacts with the Israeli government, despite his pledge to the United States to hold regular meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Hamas and Fatah are partners in a coalition government.

One of the best things that could happen is that Israel stop talking to the 'moderate' terrorists. It does not matter what Abbas promises, the terror mindset is too deeply imbedded with Hamas and Fatah.

Among the nine Palestinians killed in the weekend upsurge of violence were two gunmen and a 17-year-old who died Sunday in the West Bank. The fighting also included a Palestinian rocket attack on the southern Israeli town of Sderot that damaged a home.

Israeli officials defended the killings as part of operations that have drastically reduced the number of attacks against Israelis. Palestinian officials, however, said that the deaths jeopardized their efforts to expand the Gaza truce to the West Bank.

Of course, any movement by Israel will by default jepordize expanding the cease-fire. Of course, the fact that the cease-fire isn't even good on PAPER shouldn't come into the thinking of the reporter, nor his expected reader.

No one media outlet has ever been accused of actually reporting this story neutrally, but you would think that the 'right-wing' Fox would actually play more to the middle and call a spade a spade, but...

Hamas, which has killed scores of Israelis in homicide bombings, sought to rally other Palestinian militant groups in a new offensive that would shatter the truce in the Gaza Strip.

"The blood of our people is not cheap," a Hamas statement said, inviting Palestinians of every ideological stripe to unite and "use all possible means of resistance and to respond to the massacres."

Of course your people's blood is cheap. When (for any reason) you can't convince some promising teen-ager or 'ripe' mother to blow themselves up to kill the Jews, you spend your time killing yourselves or training the children to do it for you. If you really think your people's lives are precious, maybe it's time for the 'leaders' to actually start acting like it. Governing isn't that hard a process; people have been ruling countries since shortly after people arrived. One or another of those examples should help the terrorists out.

Miri Eisin, a spokeswoman for Olmert, said Israel "reaches out for peace, while at the same time we will always consistently fight against terror." Israel will continue its operations against Palestinian militants, she said, while "always doing our utmost to avoid any innocent casualties."

Troops killed the Palestinian teenager Sunday in a village near Ramallah. Palestinian officials said he was throwing stones at an Israeli patrol when he was shot. The army said soldiers opened fire as the youth was about to throw a firebomb at a military jeep.

Earlier, an army task force raided the militant stronghold of Nablus, killing two Palestinian gunmen, including Amin Lubadi, a top bombmaker who had been wanted by Israel for more than three years. The army said an Israeli soldier was lightly wounded in the battle.

Maybe one day they'll teach their young children and teens, that throwing stones (and/or firebombs) at soldiers does not lead to a healthy-long life. Yes shooting someone for throwing stones may be too much, but if you continue to do nothing, the stones will grow or the throwers will. Israel has acted more honorably than any country could expect in dealing with the terrorist menace of Palestine. How many countries can you think of that would not, by now, have razed most of the West Bank and Gaza to the ground? The palestinians have spent their anger, money and promise attacking the one country in the whole region that would have actually taken them in. It is no secret that every arab country bordering Israel has not made a home for their fellow arabs. It would hurt the despotic leaders of the region too much if they didn't have the palestinean-pawns to run the news and keep the eyes off of their regimes.

In unrelated violence late Sunday, four Palestinians were killed in Gaza, two in a gunfight among family members and two others in apparently random shootings by criminals, security officials said. Also, shadowy Islamic groups sent warnings to cigarette dealers to destroy their wares and to barbers to close their shops.

Internal violence has plagued Gaza for most of the time since Israel pulled out in 2005. Some has pitted Hamas and Fatah forces against each other, while other incidents involve family disputes or crime. (link)

How do they figure that this is unrelated violence? Any peoples that are governed by violence and beholden to terrorists will find a way to have violence if they cannot get to their 'enemies'. These people deserve a home, but not a state. There is no way that they can seriously be considered 'humane' enough to be given a state (note: if they already had a state, ex. N. Korea, then they'd simply be a horrible country) of their own. They simply cannot govern themselves. If the 'people' truly want a state, they will show it by getting rid of the terrorists. Unlike 'most' worldwide terrorism where the perpetrators are shadowy figures rarely known until they strike, in this land, their is common knowledge of who is who.

Reason to weep

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