Friday, March 9, 2007

Newspaper on the WarPath

In a bizarre story out of St. Augustine we find that the local newspaper is on a manhunt to find out who an anonymous blogger is who .... (wait for it) ... dared to blog the TRUTH on his webiste.
Newspaper Asks Public to Identify Local Blogger

St. Augustine blogger critical of Ben RichA Florida newspaper appears to have hit an all-time low in the relationship between bloggers and the media. The St. Augustine Record is asking the public to help expose the identity of a local blogger who recently started a site critical of county politicians. This evening, the paper's home page has a grainy surveillance photo of a man accompanied by this text:

Who is this man?

Believed to be connected to a politically charged but anonymously-run Web site targeting the character of members of the St. Johns County Commission. Help us determine his identity. Start by watching these four movies featuring footage from surveillance cameras.

The Record published video taken inside and outside its offices March 1 that show a man dropping something off at the front desk. There's no explanation of what he's doing, making it look like some kind of threat was delivered, but I found the details on the paper's message board. He was at the newspaper buying an ad. (link)

Go read the whole thing and make sure to read the comments. MYCROFT sounds like a real winner on this one (/sarc)
Reason to wonder
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