Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yet another case of muslims forewarning their victims. Of course, like all the other times that the RoP'ers state that they want to kill all the infidels, this report will be called a lie or that it misconstrues what Omar really said.

The world is simply in 'cover-up' mode in regards to the Islamic threat it faces. There is a reason that every terrorist act you see/read/hear about has a jidahdi involved, it should ring bells that this is the only religion that is using terror to intimidate and kill their enemies.

Yet, in this country and most of the civilized world, you'll find 'appeasers' who like to point out that Christians used to be violent or some such thing. What they don't say or even realize is that the problem isn't 700 years ago, it's TODAY.

Muslims in police will rise up, Bakri insists
By Mike Hirst and Adam Lusher, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:02am GMT 21/01/2007

Moderate British Muslims in the police, Armed Forces and Civil Service will one day revolt against the system to "crush it from within", according to Omar Bakri Mohammed, the notorious Islamic extremist.

Omar Bakri Mohammed
Omar Bakri Mohammed claimed that the world was a better place after the July 7 bombings in London

In claims condemned as a cynical attempt to create division, the co-founder of the extremist al-Muhajiroun group said that Britain was "digging a deep hole" for itself by allowing Muslims into the Services and Whitehall.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph in Lebanon, where he moved in August 2005 — at about the time it emerged the British authorities might charge him with incitement to treason — he claimed police officers, soldiers and civil servants would one day become radicalised.

"When you start to ask Muslims to join your Army and your police you are making a grave mistake. That British Muslim who joins the police today will one day read the Koran and will have an awakening," he said.

"Those moderates are one day going to be practising Muslims. Now what happens if they are British police or in the Army and they have weapons? How much information do they have about you that they will use to serve the global struggle? (link)

The media (and most leftys) will simply right off this report and this man's warnings. That is scary and sad. They need to start taking the 'extremists' position very seriously. These are the people that influence what the rest of the muslims think, act and feel. These are the people that hold prayers every week and tell their congregations to kill the infidels.

These are the Enemies of Our Way of Life. And the Democrats help them every chance they get.
Reason to seethe

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