Friday, January 19, 2007

News from Life

I havn't posted much lately and for those that wonder...

If you know me (from FCA or whatever) then you'll be familiar with the names. If not, you should be able to follow along :)

The past couple of days (and upcoming days) have been 'moving days'. Falen and the lil rabbit have moved out. This has been coming for awhile so, while not unexpected, still is devastating. We have been together for over five years and this new arrangement will take some getting used to.

While we are still sociable (no bad blood or whatnot) we are in two distinct addresses now. While my income hasn't changed any, my bills have jumped alot. If anyone wants to help out, click the donate button. Thanks in advance if anyone does :)

I will get back to regular posting when 1) something catches my eye enough to post it or 2) everything settles down.

Thanks for visiting.

Lord Nazh

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