Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Cindy Sheehan's favorite dictator is making moves to become a 'real' dictator and not simply an elected official.

Chavez pushes nationalisation

Chavez won a big victory in last month's election and has vowed to further nationalise the economy [AP]
Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has called on Venezuela's congress to grant him special powers while launching a far-reaching package of nationalisation.
He also promised to strip the central bank of its autonomy.

Chavez, in power since 1999, said he would nationalise telecommunications firm CANTV and unspecified energy companies.
Re-elected in December with a huge margin, he pledged on Monday to deepen what he called a socialist revolution.

The opposition says Chavez is seeking to create a Cuban-style single-party state, a charge he denies. He said he would submit a "revolutionary enabling law" to legislators through which he would be able to pass bills by decree to accelerate economic reform.
"We are making the final revisions so we can send it to the National Assembly in the next few days to request special powers," he said in a speech at the swearing-in of new cabinet ministers. (link)
Notice the highlighted passage (emp. mine) in the text, Chavez is setting up the government the same way that Hitler did in Germany before WWII. Anyone want to bet on whether his 'enabling laws' will only extend to economic reform?

Yes the source is Al-Jazeera, but the story is all over and I wanted to link to a source not much read by the people that visit here. Also wanted to get a different perspective on the subject from different journalists. The underlying message (that I get) from the text is anti-chavez. A much different opinion than you'd expect to see in say the LA Times or NY Times.
Reason for fear
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