Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Water on Mars

Everyone who's anyone is talking about this, so I thought I would make a post (seems my connection is bad, so this post will be published 12/7 after work):

Does water STILL flow on Mars?
By JULIE WHELDON, Science Correspondent Last updated at 17:55pm on 6th December 2006
Striking new images of the Red Planet have raised hopes life could be found on Mars after all.

Scientists say they have photographic evidence that suggests liquid water may have been on the planet as little as five years ago.

Does water still flow on Mars? These dramatic new photos seem to indicate yes

Experts last night said Mars now appears more active than previously thought and the latest study shows why it is vital to continue to search for life on our planetary neighbour.

The first images of Mars' surface were taken in the 1960s and they suggested it was a dusty, cratered world rather like our Moon.
Now a new set of photographs has suggested that liquid water may have flowed on the planet a mere five years ago.

The discovery resulted from images taken by the Mars Global Surveyor which first recorded gullies and trenches that could have been made by fast-flowing water coursing down cliffs and crater walls.(link)

All of this will continue to be speculation until/unless we can actually get ahold of some water from Mars. When man walks on Mars (with the ability to do more research than the limited probes we have there now), then we'll find out if there is water (and possibly life).
Reason amongst martians

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